Telephone Campaign 2017

Wadham alumni will be hearing College news from our student callers as they help raise money for the Wadham Fund.

Student callers

Wadham's student callers 2017

Who's that you are talking to? Meet our 2017 student telephone campaign team.

Chloe Holgate (Human Sciences, 2015)

My name is Chloe Holgate and I'm studying Human Sciences having matriculated in 2015. One of my favourite things about Wadham is the support it gives to its students for extra-curricular activities. I founded and presently run the Wadham Baking Society, which is something I look forward to doing on a Sunday afternoon and I would not have been able to set it up without help from the SU or the College.

Rosie Clear Hill (Biology, 2016)

My name is Rosie Clear Hill. I study Biology at Wadham and matriculated in 2016 so am about to start my second year. Outside of my degree I am a member of Wadham boat club and have rowed in the women's first boat. During my second year, I will be a vice captain of the boat club, helping to encourage new members of the college to get involved in the sport.

Martha Glover (Biochemistry, 2016)

Hi! My name is Martha and I study Biochemistry (matriculated in 2016!). My favourite thing about Wadham is probably how diverse we are as a community. I feel like I belong here which was something I was worried about before coming to study in Oxford - it feels like a real family!

Sophie Longstaff (Experimental Psychology, 2016)

My favourite thing about Wadham is the (terribly competitive) friendly croquet tournament throughout Summer.

Jack Wands (PPE, 2016)

My favourite thing about Wadham is the Student Union and all the great work it does. From putting on fun festivals and events like Wadstock and Queerweek to supporting students in all aspects of their time here, the SU’s work is ever-present and makes Wadham the great college that it is.

Son Olszewski (Law, 2017)

Hi my name is Son and I study Law with German Law (2017). What I love most about Wadham is most definitely its people. From staff to student, everyone has made me feel welcome from the day I enrolled.

Sarah Dittrich (History, 2016)

Hello, my name is Sarah Dittrich and I am a Historian at Wadham. After matriculating in 2016, I am about to start my second year at the college. Originally from Germany, I moved to the UK for A Levels at 16 in order to pursue my dream of studying at Oxford. Having arrived at Wadham, I couldn’t be happier. As an officer in the Student Union, I love how we as students are able to determine how aspects of the college are run. Getting involved with the SU has meant being able to support other students through democratic decisions. I am incredibly happy that Wadham College has given me the opportunity to become more involved in student politics and reach consensus through compromise.

Naomi Thapar (Human Sciences, 2015)

My name is Naomi Thapar, and I am a finalist studying Human Sciences. My favourite thing about Wadham is the number of societies and activities to get involved with within the college - from drama, to sport or art, there's something for everyone.

Eleanor Watson (History & Modern Languages, 2016)

I'm Eleanor, a second year student of History and French here at Wadham. I'm often to be found darting about in my capacity as welfare officer: rolling out mats for stress relieving yoga sessions, doling out water and words of comfort to queasy revellers at Queerfest and supplying restorative bagels and cream cheese the morning after. I love that Wadham both oozes with fun and has brilliant welfare structures, which I'm proud to contribute to in a small way.- from drama, to sport or art, there's something for everyone.


Molly Wealand (Biology, 2016)

My name is Molly Weiland, and I am a Wadham undergraduate studying Biological Sciences. I matriculated in 2016, so am about to enter in to my second year of a 3-year course. My favourite thing about Wadham is the welcoming, tolerant and friendly atmosphere, and its progressive and liberal outlook. I love to play sports, and in my first year my favourite thing was getting involved in some of Wadham's teams, from rowing and football in the winter, to cricket and rounders in the summer.

Agnes Girling (Classics & English, 2016)

My favourite thing about Wadham is the people! I like playing college sport (netball, rounders) which gives me a chance to meet them all.

Sasha Skovron (History, 2015)

My name is Sasha and I'm a history student going into my third year at Wadham. One of my favourite things about Wadham is the college's welfare system - from the welfairy to Jonah (the college dog) there's plenty of ways to ensure students are supported and can support each other. Through organised social events, the welfare team also contributes towards the college's friendly and warm atmosphere.

Liam Hyde (PPE, 2015)

My name's Liam, and I'm a finalist studying PPE. I like Wadham for its inclusive environment - I believe that Wadham must be the only college where no matter where you're from, what you want to do, or who you want to be, you're not only accepted, but also supported, by the entirety of the student and staff bodies.

Frances Benson (History, 2015)

Hi I’m Fran, a third year historian at Wadham and returning member of the telethon team. My favourite thing about Wadham is its relaxed and accepting attitude, which makes it a place where I feel at home, and can get involved in anything; from zumba, to baking society, to watching Game of Thrones in our JCR! My time at Oxford would not have been the same had I not had the privilege to be a part of Wadham, the college has helped me to play University level tennis, as well as volunteer abroad, and get involved with organising university-wide events.

Student callers