Wadham Race Symposium

18th February 2017

Holywell Music Room, 11am-4pm

Join Wadham students for a day of talks and panel discussions at the second Wadham Race Symposium, Can Multiculturalism Work?

At the second Wadham Race Symposium Can Multiculturalism Work?, participants will explore this key question that shapes the political dialogue of our times within power structures of race.

The symposium invites you to consider the ways that education can reinforce colonial powers and legacies, and how members of the university in all capacities can act to prevent or reverse this situation. We will discuss how ‘multiculturalism' has become a dirty word and how we have lost our pride in diversity.

Panel discussions:

Princess Ashilokun:
A  proud Nigerian, born and raised in Hackney, Princess Ashilokun currently studies English Literature and Language at Magdalen College. She is a committee member of the Oxford African and Caribbean Society and a champion of the spoken word.

Sara Shamsavari
Sara Shamsavari is a British artist whose vibrant and emotive images explore and reinterpret identity and address current social and cultural concerns. While each photographic series has a distinct focus, together, they all seek to encourage the ideals of non-judgement, equality, unity in diversity and collective responsibility.

Can Multiculturalism Work?