Maurice Glasman - The Beauty of Conservatism

17th October 2017

Moser Theatre, Wadham College, 5.30pm-7pm

Conservatism has played an important role in the Labour Tradition as a movement that tried to rescue a home in the world from the perils of enclosures and the poor law state.

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In this paper Maurice Glasman will try and retrieve what Labour can learn from conservatism as a political and ethical tradition

Aspects of Conservatism series

This event is part of the Aspects of Conservatism series exploring elements of a conservative outlook in more detail. The series is convened by Tom Simpson, Associate Professor of Philosophy & Public Policy, Blavatnik School of Government, and Senior Research Fellow, Wadham College, University of Oxford. Further details and a full list of the Aspects of Conservatism events are available here.

  • Maurice Glasman

    Maurice Glasman

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