Why academics should tweet

21st February 2018

Okinaga Room, 6-7pm

Wadham SCR and MCR members are invited to this workshop focused on the potential and perils for academics using twitter.

Tweeting might seem like a frivolous pastime or an activity reserved for the likes of the US president, but increasingly, academics from all fields are establishing their presence in 280 characters or less.

How can Twitter be used to communicate research, establish affinity groups, and link your work to larger questions of public interest? Trish Greenhalgh, Professor of Primary Care has drawn on Twitter conversations for her writings in the THE, and has been offering critical commentary on media and public health over the course of nearly 32,000 tweets. Ursula Martin, Professor of Computer Science has been using Twitter to publicize her new project on Ava Lovelace, the nineteenth century mathematician who recognized the usefulness of computers.

Join the Wadham Research Associates, and professors Greenhalgh and Martin next Wednesday at 6PM to discuss the power of Twitter for academics.

This is one of a series of events organised by Wadham's Research Associates to enhance intellectual exchange and interaction between graduate students and the College's Fellows. More