Wadham's women Head of the River again!

1st June 2015

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A nail-biting Eights week finale saw Wadham’s women retain the Headship for the 200th anniversary of Summer Eights – a fantastic end to a week filled with enthusiasm from rowers and supporters alike!

  • The winning crew

    The winning W1 crew

  • Members of the winning women's crew.

W1: Started 1st Div 1, retained the Headship.

W1 finally met their match, chased on Friday and Saturday by a stacked Pembroke crew containing 5 Blues. Some extremely brave and exciting racing saw them retain the Headship for another year, testament to their fantastic coach, Rod Andrews.

W2: Started 13th Div2. -1, 0, -1, -1. Finished 3rd Div3.

W2 rowed extremely well, irrespective of the fact that they had a different crew every day! They faced tough competition from surrounding 1st VIIIs but succeeded in maintaining the W2 headship for yet another year, cementing Wadham women’s dominance on the river.

  • W2 in action

    W2 in action

  • The W2 Crew

    The W2 Crew

M1: Started 13th Div1. 0, +1, +1, 0. Finished 11th Div1.

M1 faced an unfortunate line up of boats ahead, which led to Teddy Hall bumping out on Worcester early on day one, and again catching Balliol before we could catch them on Saturday. However, M1 secured two bumps on Worcester and St Catz to move up another 2 rungs on their climb up Div1. Another very successful bumps week for our strengthening men’s side.

  • The M1 Crew

    The M1 Crew

  • M1 Celebrations

  • M3 in action

    M3 in action

  • M3


M3: Started 11th Div5. 0, -1, -1, -1. Finished 1st Div6.

Another bumps week, another great stash choice. Despite not having the near-blades winning bumping glory that they experienced in Torpids, M3 put up a good fight and taught other crews a thing or two about how to be bumped style. “A spirited bunch” according to their beloved coach, Paul Bowen.

M2: Started 10th Div3. 0, +1, -3, +1. Finished 11th Div3.

M2 are no doubt the most improved crew since Torpids. Despite a hiccup on Friday when a raging St Antony’s 1st VIII decided to ruin the party, our boys finally hit the form they deserved this Eights, being kind enough to bump Magdalen II twice on Thursday and Saturday, sending them to spoons!

Report by Stephanie Hall and James Evry; Photos by James Evry and Julia Banfield

  • M2 celebrations

    M2 celebrations

  • M2 in action

    M2 in action

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