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Duncan Howie

Dr Duncan Howie, Stipendiary Lecturer in pre-clinical Pathology

Dr Duncan Howie, Stipendiary Lecturer in pre-clinical Pathology

A Research Scientist, Duncan Howie is a member of the Therapeutic Immunology Group at the Sir William Dunn School of Pathology.

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Duncan trained in Experimental Pathology and Immunology at the University of Glasgow (BSc), St Bartholomews, University of London (PhD) and Harvard University.

He is engaged in research designed to understand the molecular mechanisms by which T lymphocytes with regulatory function are generated and maintained during immunological tolerance. In general terms he is investigating how intracellular signalling initiated through lymphocyte surface receptors controls cell decisions and ultimately functional consequences in immune-mediated pathological states. He uses a combination of transcriptional analysis combined with comparative proteomics and downstream molecular and cellular model analyses.

Duncan’s teaching includes immunology lectures for first year BM, BCh (1st BM part 1); Pre-clinical Pathology to Second year BM, BCh (1st part 2); and intercollegiate teaching in infection and immunity to third year FHS. He is an examiner for the Honours Schools in Medicine at Oxford University.


Dr Duncan Howie

Selected publications

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