Public Policy and Diplomatic Studies

Wadham admits students for the Master of Public Policy and DPhil in Public Policy, recently launched by the University's Blavatnik School of Government, and the Diplomatic Studies courses run by the University's Foreign Service Programme.

  • G8 Summit Working Party, Camp David (2012)
    Official White House Photo, via Wikimedia Commons 

Public Policy

The Master of Public Policy (MPP) is a one year graduate degree for people committed to improving the world through public service, whether in government, non-governmental organisations or the private sector. It is multi-disciplinary, reflecting the need for public leaders who can reach across specialist fields to find innovative solutions to difficult policy challenges. It is practical, responding directly to the demand for policy experts with skills as negotiators, financial managers and communicators. It is global, in that Blavatnik students learn how policy is made, implemented and evaluated in governments around the world, and at local, regional and global levels. Full details of the programme, and how to apply to it, can be found here:

Since the launch of the Master of Public Policy programme in 2013, Wadham has joined forces with the Blavatnik School of Government to offer one fully-funded place on the course per year. The first recipient of such a scholarship was Charles Dollie.

Wadham also accepts applications for the DPhil in Public Policy run through the Blavatnik School of Government, a full-time, three-year research degree.

Oxford University Foreign Service Programme

The Oxford University Foreign Service Programme (FSP) has for many years brought together early to mid-career diplomats for a course lasting a full academic year, from early October to mid-June. The Certificate in Diplomatic Studies and Postgraduate Diploma in Diplomatic Studies programmes are specifically designed to give established diplomats the opportunity to derive maximum benefit from studying diplomacy in its contemporary context, giving special attention to the changes associated with globalization and the skills required of diplomats in the 21st century. There is a very wide geographical spread of membership on the course, and substantial benefit is derived from the exchange of experience among participants.

Members who successfully complete the curriculum and the year-end examinations receive the Oxford University Certificate in Diplomatic Studies. Those who during the first term volunteer and are accepted for the Diploma option, which requires in addition the completion of a substantial research project, qualify for the Oxford University Postgraduate Diploma in Diplomatic Studies. Students who successfully complete the Postgraduate Diploma in Diplomatic Studies during their year in Oxford are then eligible to complete a Master of Studies in Diplomatic Studies on a part-time basis in the following academic year.

Full details of the Oxford University Foreign Service Programme can be found here: studies


The Tutors

Dr Tom Simpson is a Senior Research Fellow at Wadham College, and Associate Professor in Philosophy and Public Policy at the Blavatnik School of Government. His current research is focused on the notion of trust, addressing both its theoretical dimensions and practical implications. He has additional interests in the ethics of war and of information and computing technology.