Candidate Information

Important information for candidates applying to Wadham for entry in October 2017 (or deferred entry in 2018)

UCAS Applications

Please note that it is now too late to submit a UCAS application for entry in 2017 or deferred entry in 2018. The deadline for submitting applications was 15th October 2016 at 6pm.


Decisions for all candidates who were interviewed by Oxford in December 2016 were released on 11th January 2017. Wadham sent letters by first class post to all shortlisted candidates on 10th January, as well as emails to candidates resident outside the UK on 11th January. If you applied or were allocated to Wadham and have not received a final decision on your application, please email

Candidates holding an offer from Wadham or an open offer underwritten by Wadham will be contacted in the spring regarding the financial declaration process and important next steps.


For information on the University's feedback policy, please visit: Unless candidates have indicated by email that they do not wish a report to be sent, Wadham Admissions Office will be writing to UCAS referees in early 2017 with information on this year's admissions exercise for each course. Applicants are encouraged to discuss their application in relation to the information in the report with their referee when it arrives.

Please note that Wadham does not normally provide feedback to successful applicants.

Keeping in touch

Offer holders are reminded that it is essential that if your postal or email addresses change at any point you let us know directly (by email to, as well as updating UCAS - otherwise we will send correspondence to the addresses supplied on your original application. If your address is a term-time address, it is also important that you let us know which alternative address you would like us to use, and whether you are able to access your school email account from home.