Wadham admits five or six students per year to the pre-clinical course. These students must do a three-year degree course, the BA in Medical Sciences, before proceeding to their clinical studies. This three-year course includes a pre-clinical qualification (First BM). A further three years are then required to complete the full medical qualification (BM BCh).

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Course Offered: BA Medical Sciences leading to BM BCh Medicine

Undergraduate Prospectus Medical Sciences Division

For medicine, the University has specific entrance requirements; please consult the Medical School website for a full list of accepted qualifications. There is a common entrance procedure used by all colleges. This involves a written aptitude test, 'BMAT', which is also used by Cambridge and some London Medical Schools; details of the test, including a sample test, are available at In view of the emphasis of our teaching on science, we look for candidates with an excellent record in the sciences. For instance, pre-A-Level candidates should be expecting two A grades and one A* at A-Level. A-Levels must include Chemistry, and at least one other in Physics, Mathematics or Biology. Post A-Level applicants with at least A*AA (or the equivalent) are also welcome. Deferred entry is not infrequently granted to able students with plans to spend a gap year profitably. However, candidates for deferred entry should be prepared to indicate by the time of interview whether they wish also to be considered for immediate entry. Please note that all applicants to the Oxford Medicine degree must be at least 18 years old at the point at which they would come to start the course.

Pre-clinical Medicine and Medical Sciences
For the first half of the course, emphasis is placed on regular tutorials from Fellows and Lecturers who are able to teach broadly across the course. Professor Farmery, a Respiratory Physiologist and Consultant Anaesthetist, teaches Physiology and Pharmacology. Tutorials are also given by our College Lecturers in Anatomy, Pathology and Neurophysiology.

Clinical Medicine
The majority of our pre-clinical students stay in Oxford to do their clinical course (some having intercalated a research degree - an MSc or a DPhil - between their undergraduate course and going on to the hospital). It should be noted, however, that entry to the Oxford Clinical School is by open competition. Some of our students choose to move elsewhere: this is routine and generally straightforward to arrange. As these students move on, Wadham welcomes new clinical students to Oxford. The Clinical School advises successful applicants on the procedure for applying to join a college. However, enquiries direct to Wadham are welcome at any time and should be addressed to our Senior Tutor. Information on the clinical course is available from the Medical Sciences Office, University of Oxford, The John Radcliffe Hospital, Headington, Oxford, OX3 9DU.


Wadham provides a base for clinical students away from the hospital, and this offers a valuable opportunity to get to know graduates in other disciplines and to become involved in the life of the MCR.

Funding support

Our Clinical Fellow, Dr Michael Bannon, is Oxford's Director of Post-Graduate Medical Education (the 'Post-Graduate Dean'). He acts as personal advisor to our clinical students, and is particularly well placed to offer help and guidance for the development of their clinical careers. He is assisted by two junior hospital doctors (College Clinical Teaching Associates), who provide regular bedside teaching, as well as two consultant surgeons. All Wadham medical students and Fellows meet for discussion at termly speaker meeting of the Wadham Medical Society, which are followed by dinner.

The College has funds available to help alleviate the particular financial pressures felt by clinical students, for example we provide grants to support our clinical students' elective periods.
Further Information
For more information on the course and applying please see the Undergraduate Prospectus.

A student's perspective

Current Fellows and Lecturers

Dr Jennifer Brown (Lecturer)

Professor Andrew Farmery (Tutorial Fellow)

Dr Nishan Guha (Lecturer)

Dr Duncan Howie (Lecturer)