Undergraduate Achievements and Prizes

Rex Warner Literary Prize

Made possible by the generosity of Mrs Frances Warner, in memory of her husband Rex Warner, an Honorary Fellow of Wadham College.

Conditions: Open to undergraduates, visiting students and graduates [who have not exceeded the end of the 9th term from commencement of graduate study] at Wadham College.

Nature of the Prize: Prize for original short story OR original poem[s] OR prose/verse translation from any ancient or modern language into English; up to £150 for each prize.

Application Procedure: Prose submissions should be no more than 7,500 words. Entries should be legibly typed and printed.  Entries should be submitted to tutorial@wadham.ox.ac.uk by 1st week of Trinity Term.

College Essay Prize in Science and Mathematics and Cheney Essay Prize in the Arts and Social Sciences

Conditions: Applications are open to students in their second, third or fourth year of study. In addition, please note the following:

- Submissions style should be formal [as if for publication], and use referencing and bibliographic systems as appropriate.

- Essays should include some explanation as to why the problem discussed is significant and the wider implications of the question addressed.

- Subject of the work is entirely open and does not have to be part of the University syllabus, however subject matter should be chosen unaided by the author and should not haev been marked by any senior member.

-Presentation work in any seminar or discussion group organised primarily by junior members is welcome. Work that has previously been successful in earlier competitions for University or College prizes is not eligible.

Nature of the Prize: The value of each prize is £200.

Application Procedure: Submissions should be made in the form of an essay of no more than 3000 words, or other form appropriate to the subject. Authors should submit their work to tutorial@wadham.ox.ac.uk by the 1st week of Michaelmas Term, and note that their work will be submitted to the judges anonymously. The winning entries may be published in the Wadham College Gazette.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Conditions: These scholarships are awarded annually [in autumn] on nomination by tutors. Undergraduate Scholarships are also automatically awarded to students gaining a 1st or a Distinction at FPE.


Nature of the Scholarship: £200

Subjects and results prizes

Named College Prizes

The Colleges has a number of Named College Prizes that are awarded to students in particular subject areas as follows:

Corcoran Prize for Mathematics

Awarded for the best performance in FPE Mathematics or Mathematics Joint School.  This prize is currently valued at £175.

Collington Prize for Science

Awarded for the best performance in Science FPE, this prize is currently valued at £175.

Ockenden Prizes for German and Russian

Awarded for the best performance in the German FPE, this prize is currently valued at £175

Awarded for the best performance in the Russian FPE, this prize is currently valued at £175.

Prize in Philosophy

Awarded for the best performance in the Philosophy Final Honour School (FHS), this prize is currently valued at £175.

Peter Carter Prize for Law

Awarded for the best performance in FHS Law, this prize is currently valued at £175.

Results Prizes

Undergraduates are recognised for their high achievements and hard work in their First Public Examination and Final Honours School Examinations as follows:

1st/Distinction in FPE: £75 awarded to the student

1st in Finals: £100 awarded to the student