College facilities

The Lodge

The Lodge is the College’s information centre. The Head Porter and the Day and Night Porters are there to help, guide and advise. 

They receive mail and messages, and distribute them to individual pigeonholes. Fire and intruder alarm systems are connected to the Lodge. The Lodge Porter is the first port of call in an emergency. The Lodge is staffed 24 hours a day and the number for use in an emergency only is 277999. For routine matters use 277900.The Lodge is fitted with a hearing loop system. A text telephone is available in the Lodge for use by those with hearing impairments.

Lockers for student possessions are situated in the basement underneath the JCR and are available to hire, upon deposit of £30 for the key, from the Lodge. This is refundable upon return of the key to the Lodge.

Phonecards, postcards, photocopy cards, laundry cards, locker keys and booklets about the College, can be purchased at the Lodge.

The Messenger Service delivers academic related mail. Personal letters (invitations to parties etc) are not accepted. The Porters will advise on the use of the Messenger Service.

Royal Mail normally delivers each weekday up to around 13:00.  Carriers deliver throughout the working day.

Please ask that all mail is addressed to you using your full name (please do not use a nickname).  Any post received addressed to a person not known in the College will be returned to sender.

Small parcels are put in pigeonholes in the Lodge.  Large parcels are stored in the Lodge on the open shelf, opposite the main desk.  If a carrier requires a signature on delivery, this will be provided by the Duty Porter.  If a parcel arrives for you which cannot be put in your pigeonhole, an e-mail will be sent to advise you that it is in the parcel area.  Parcels should be collected as quickly as possible, no more than 2 days following delivery, as storage space is very limited.

Please do not order items that will arrive after your departure at the end of term.  Please do not leave valuables, including cash, in pigeonholes.

Please note the College cannot accept responsibility for parcels/mail containing valuables left in pigeonholes or delivered to the lodge.

Contact details and forwarding of mail
The Lodge keeps the home addresses of students and will forward mail on to these addresses in vacation periods if requested.

Please inform the Head Porter if you wish your mail to be forwarded to your home address during the vacations.  Please note that parcels are not forwarded.

When you graduate, please ensure that you re-direct your mail.  In particular you are strongly advised to notify financial institutions (eg your bank, credit card company) of your new address. The College will forward mail to you for an initial period of up to three months (not parcels). 

Facilities for meetings, theatre and public rooms

Applications to book the Moser Theatre and meeting/teaching rooms, such as the C Day Lewis Room, Okinaga Room and others, can be made by clicking on the link below:

Book a room

To hold a meeting or event in any of the College’s public rooms you must obtain permission from the Dean. For use of the Chapel or Antechapel other than for use of the piano (see below), permission must be obtained from the Chaplain. Rooms may not be used for any entertainment or meeting without the prior permission of the Dean, and you will be held responsible for any disturbance, damage, or irregularity of any kind which occurs in your room or elsewhere in College as a result of any such entertainment or meeting.

The College is committed to uphold the free expression of opinion on its premises by its members, associate members, staff, and invited speakers, so long as the manner of expression and content of opinion are lawful. Anyone seeking improperly to disrupt or obstruct a lawful meeting or activity will be subject to College discipline. Express permission for any function (such as a political meeting) which, it is reasonably feared, could lead to serious disorderly behaviour, must be obtained from the Dean (who can provide the College’s full legal Code of Practice on Meetings and Activities).

Alcohol at events
Events involving alcohol must take place in accordance with the College’s licence. If you are planning any event involving the serving of alcohol, you must seek advice from the Domestic Bursar at least two weeks in advance, since extra training and permission will be needed. Further information.

The Moser Theatre
Booked via the Conference & Events Office ( The Moser Theatre is in the Bowra Building. The Theatre is used for the playing of badminton as well as theatre productions.

Teaching rooms
Teaching rooms, such as the C Day Lewis Room, Lee Shau Kee Scholars Rooms, Knowles Room, Gillese-Badun Seminar Room, Okinaga Room and Tower Room, are booked via the Academic Office in term-time and the Conference Office in the vacations, please click on the link above.

Old Refectory
This is a room that is shared between the SU and broader College-wide use, for details please see the link above.

Music practice and facilities

Bookings for music practice rooms (the Beecham Music Room and Bands Room) can be made at the Lodge. Please enquire in person in order to make a booking.

Music practice facilities may be used at the following times: 

The Sir Thomas Beecham Music Room
Available for piano practice 0900-2300. Please ensure that you take care of the pianos and that the room is tidy after your session. No food or drink is allowed. At weekends and during weekday evenings 19:00-23:00, the room can also be used for classical or jazz instruments, by up to 10 people. This permission for wider use does not apply during the Noise Ban period (from Week 3 in Trinity Term).

The Bands room
The Music Room in the Goddard basement should always be used for any music with a strong beat or heavy volume. The permitted hours are currently 13:00-23:00 each day, but this may be restricted if there is excessive noise

The Chapel and Ante-Chapel
The Ante-chapel piano: 13:00-14:00, 19:00-23:00
The Chapel organ: 13:00-14:00, 19:00-23:00

Both instruments can normally be played on Saturdays from 0900 to 2300.

Special dispensation may be sought from the Dean to play outside these hours. To play the Chapel organ or the Antechapel piano, permission should be obtained from the Organ Scholar, who will consult the Dean and the Chaplain if problems arise.

The Hall Gallery
The Gallery Piano can only be played by arrangement.

Moving of Pianos
Pianos in the Chapel, The Thomas Beecham Room and the Holywell Music room must not be moved without the permission of the Domestic Bursar.

Disabled Access
Step-free access to The Hall and Moser Theatre can be arranged by prior arrangement with the Lodge. 

Sports facilities

Bookings for the Squash and Badminton Courts can be made at the Lodge. Please enquire in person in order to make a booking. The Squash court and Badminton Court are in the Bowra Building.

Wadham College Gym

Wadham College Gym is a free facility for the use of all Wadham students and is located below the New Refectory. Access is granted to those who have completed an induction on how to safely use the equipment provided, you will need to swipe your Bod card to gain entry hereafter. Inductions will be arranged regularly by the SU Sports Officer and you will receive emails notifying you when they will commence. The gym contains a number of rowing machines, free weights, power rack and various work benches. If you have any problems or any of the equipment is damaged or broken please contact the Sports Officer or Lodge immediately.

The Boathouse
The Boathouse is on the north bank of the Isis, and can be reached (on foot only) via Christ Church Meadow.

Sportsground, Pavilion and Tennis Courts
Tel: 310382
These facilities are about a mile from the College via the North Oxford Cycle Track, off the north side of the Marston Ferry Road (near the Banbury Road end). The Groundsman is Mr Martin Cofield (

Feedback and suggestions

The Domestic Bursar and her staff are here to ensure that the College’s non-academic administration and facilities are run as efficiently as possible to the benefit of all. The Domestic Bursar welcomes feedback from students about any aspects and it is important that any shortcomings are drawn to her attention as soon as possible by email or by telephone 77963.

It is your College: please play your part in running and taking care of it.