Floor Plan and Facillities

  • Library Floor Plan

Photocopying / Printing / Scanning

The photocopier and its paper supply are maintained by the IT Department - please direct any queries to them!

The photocopier is located at the top of the stair case immediately to the right once you have come in through the library entrance. It will make black and white copies or colour copies at A3 and A4 size, will reduce/enlarge for best value copying, and will also make double-sided copies. You can also send a print job to the photocopier, and you can scan a document and send that scan to your email account as a pdf document.

The photocopier is operated by holding your university card over the card reader on the right hand side of the top of the photocopier. Any copying done will then be charged to your printing account. Instructions for use are on the wall above the photocopier.

The charges for photocopying/ printing to the photocopier are:

5p a page for single sided b&w A4
7p a for double sided b&w A4
10p a page for single sided b&w A3
14p for double sided b&w A3

20p for A4 colour
28p for A4 double sided colour
40p for A3 colour
56p for double sided A3 colour

The printing facility works remotely so that you upload your print job at  the website https://printing.wadham.ox.ac.uk [logging in with your CCR credentials]. Select web print on the left hand side, choose the printer from which you wish to print (note the photocopier offers greyscale and colour) and upload your files. You can also check your balance and printing history from here. You can print to either the photocopier (B&W and colour), CCR printer or Merifield printer.

Jobs to the photocopier can be released by 'tapping your card' at the photocopier. All jobs printed to the photocopier through web print are single sided.

Currently jobs will be deleted from the print queue if not released within 24 hours.

Stationery Counter

On the stationery counter, which is located on the Readers' Area side of the library staff counter, we supply the following stationery items for you to make use of:

  • Stapler
  • Treasury tags
  • Hole punch
  • Pencil-sharpener
  • Sellotape
  • Scissors

Please use them only at the counter, and don't take them back to your desk or out of the library!

Discussion room

The library has a discussion room, located one half staircase down on the right as soon as you have entered the library. The room is available entirely on a drop-in basis - there is no booking system - and it is intended for group study when you can get together to discuss your work, rather than for individual use. There are two tables and sixteen chairs.


On the shelves in this room behind the locked glass doors are the 'Reserve' collections. These are books that are in greater demand or of higher value. They are available to borrow in the normal way, and are listed in the catalogue as "Reserve - please ask library staff". Since they are behind glass you can of course browse the shelves, but obviously you have to ask a member of library staff to fetch any particular title for you.

These shelves also house the library's DVD collection, which operates in the same way.

In 0th week of Michaelmas Term we use the Discussion Room to give our library inductions to the new intake of students. At other points in the year we sometimes put on presentations, when we will close the room (we always make sure we give plenty of notice).

If you use the room:

  • Please don't leave any of your possessions in the room when you have finished using it
  • If you're the last to leave, please make sure the window is shut
  • You don't need to worry about the lights, since they are on a motion-sensitive switch

Wireless and ethernet

Wirless is available throughout the entire college site, and so the signal runs throughout the whole of the library building. If you have any problems with wireless access in the library please let one of the library staff know, or otherwise a member of the IT Dept. Instructions for setting up a wireless connection on your computer are here (opens in a new window).

While we do have a few ethernet cables to lend out for short periods, if you're going to be using one regularly you should aim to bring your own!