Library rules

  1. Non-members of the College may not use the Library unless they have prior agreement from the Librarian to do so. As a rule, please don't let in anyone you don't know, and please don't bring in any guests.
  2. BOOKS MUST NOT BE REMOVED FROM THE LIBRARY UNLESS THEY HAVE BEEN CHECKED OUT. Instructions on how to check out books are beside the self-issue terminal. You are responsible for books you have checked out until you have returned them and the borrowing record has been cleared, and you may not borrow books for anyone else. Replacement costs will be charged for lost books.
  3. Books borrowed during term must be either returned or renewed within fourteen days. Vacation loans are due back on Tuesday of first week. You will be prompted by system-generated email overdue reminders.
  4. Fines may be imposed if you do not return books on time. We do charge for the cost of replacing lost books.
  5. Reference books, including all dictionaries, periodicals, law journals and reports and some duplicate textbooks are confined to the Library, also books with an asterisk in the shelf-mark or a white stripe around the cover.
  6. Please do not disturb other readers by talking or causing other distractions.
  7. Desks may not be reserved as there are not enough spaces for everyone. If you leave the library briefly, move your books and papers to one side and put a dated note saying 'Please leave' and your name on them. Staff will clear desks as necessary to keep the library tidy and safe for all users.
  8. Only books, papers and laptop computers may be brought into the Library. Other items may be removed by library staff immediately. You are responsible for the safety of your belongings.
  9. Food and drink are not allowed in the library, apart from water in sport cap bottles and hot drinks in lidded travel mugs. Offenders may be fined.
  10. Mobile phones must be turned to silent in the library and answered outside the building.
  11. Please don't take away the stationery (stapler, hole punch etc.) which is provided for you at the counter.
  12. Readers must not write in library books or otherwise deface them.
  13. Health and Safety: please don't run in the library, especially on the stairs. Don't carry lots of books at once, and don't let electrical cables, eg for laptops, trail on the floor. Don't let your belongings spread across the floor causing obstruction. The library staff and cleaners will remove such belongings if necessary.
  • Wadham bookmarks

    During inductions at the beginning of Michaelmas Term we give a bookmark to each new student, with useful urls and contact details on the reverse. The front shows a detail from one of our rare books. Pick up the current library bookmark from the library counter at any time.