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Please note: There are currently restrictions in place on use of rooms following COVID guidelines. Please consult the College Arrangements for new guidelines. At the current time, please book no more than 7 days in advance, leaving at least 24 hours notice for your booking to be approved. For weekend bookings, please book by 3pm on Fridays.

Who can book a room?

If you are a member of the College, you can request the use of a room via the online booking system and the Holywell Music Room HMR online booking system (there are additional terms & conditions for the HMR). If you are not a member of the College and would like to book a room for an event, please visit our venue hire and conferences pages. Term dates are from Sunday 0th week until Saturday 9th week.

What are the terms and conditions?

Students must read and agree to the terms and conditions for booking college rooms before submitting their request online; in making a room booking request you are agreeing to abide by all relevant College policies including the Freedom of Speech policy.

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For students - guidance on making a room booking

How do I book a room?
Please submit your booking via the online system at least five working days before the event itself – we cannot guarantee processing of bookings made closer to the event. To book a meeting room in vacation periods, please contact the Events Office. Refer to the terms and conditions for full instructions.

What rooms can I book?
Meeting Rooms:
Current Wadham students are welcome to book College meeting rooms, including rooms in the Undergraduate Centre for events during term, providing they do not clash with academic use of the rooms.

  • All meeting rooms are available to book after 6pm on weekdays and at the weekends; student bookings scheduled prior to 6pm will not be approved.
  • The Knowles Room and the Kings Arms Rooms require a Fellow present for student bookings and are only suitable for academic use. Students are not permitted to use the Trapp Room.

The Moser Theatre:
The Moser can be used by students for academic events such as lectures, for small group exercise classes, and for badminton.  

  • The Moser Theatre tiered seating is pulled out by default. Any person wishing to use the full floor space of the Moser must be trained to operate the tiered seating, or ensure that Housekeeping can change the room layout.
  • The squash courts are available to book through the Room Booking System.

The Ante Chapel:
The Ante Chapel and Chapel can be booked for academic events at the Chaplain’s and Dean’s discretion. The Ante-Chapel can also be used for arts purposes (e.g. non-amplified music and plays rehearsals) and must be booked with three working days' notice.  

The Bands Room:
The Bands Room is located in the basement of the William Doo Undergraduate Centre and can be booked on the Online Room Booking System.   The room should always be used for any music with a strong beat or heavy volume.  The permitted hours are currently 13:00-23:00.The Holywell Music Room (HMR):

The HMR is primarily for the use musical events. However, where availability shows on the online booking system, it can also be booked for other types of activities such as rehearsals and talks (props/scenery cannot be used). Please put as much information as possible in the booking description to help speed up the confirmation process. Talks are approved by the Academic Office and require five working days to process, and other activities are approved by the Events Office. 

Please visit the HMR room booking website for details.

The Fellows’ Garden:
Current Wadham students can request permission to use the Fellows’ Garden for small events during term. Permission must be granted by the Keeper of the Gardens, the Head Gardener, the Dean, and the Domestic Bursar.

Please e-mail the Academic Support Administrator at least five working days in advance with a fully completed garden use form. Consult the terms and conditions for details.

Serving Alcohol & Catering:

If you wish to serve alcohol at an event (Seminar Rooms 4 & 5, and Ante-Chapel only) you will need to complete an Alcohol Permission Form and submit it 10 working days in advance to the Academic Office Assistant, who will seek authorisation from the Domestic Bursar.

  • All alcohol consumed in public rooms must be purchased from the College and servers must be authorised by the Domestic Bursar
  • Students are required to be trained in responsible alcohol service by the Domestic Bursar before they are authorised to serve alcohol. Training sessions are held at the start of each term.

Self-catering for food and non-alcoholic beverages is permitted only in the LSK rooms, Seminar Rooms 4 and 5, the Graduate Centre Tower Room, and the Gillese Badun.

For academic staff

To book the Fellows' Guest Room please contact the Lodge:

+44 (0)1865 277900

Meal booking

Internal catering booking form (for academic staff)

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