Wadham's people

Wadham's vibrant community of people is what makes the College a unique and inspiring atmosphere in which to work and study. For biographies of our key people please refer to our people listing.

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Wadham's People

Use the tabs below to discover our Foundation Fellows, Honorary Fellows, Emeritus Fellows and Keeley Visiting Fellows.

Foundation Fellows

Foundation Fellows

Foundation Fellows

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Foundation Fellows are honoured for outstanding service to the College.

Barber, Nicholas Charles Faithorn, CBE, MBA Columbia, MA Oxf, FRSA
Benham, Matthew, MA Oxf
Doo, William Wai-Hoi, JP
Doo, William Guilherme, MA Oxf, JP
East, Amanda, MA Oxf
Green, Alan, MA Oxf
Locke, Alasdair James Dougall, MA Oxf
McCall MacBain, John H, BA McGill, MBA Harvard, MA Oxf
Mok, Edwin, MA Oxf
Peagram, Michael John, MA DPhil Oxf
Preston, Anthony Charles, CBE, MA Oxf
Richards, Carol
Rothschild, the Hon Nathaniel Phillip Victor, MA Oxf
Stow, Stephen William Canning, MA Oxf
Woods, John Kenneth, MA Oxf

Foundation Fellows

Foundation Fellow, Alan Green, his wife Shirley (left) and Director of Development Julie Hage

Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellows

Honorary Fellows

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Honorary Fellows are often, but not necessarily, alumni of the College or former Fellows who have had outstandingly distinguished careers in their chosen field.

A date in the left-hand column indicates the year of commencement of the current fellowship (or other position) held.

1995    Berman, Sir Franklin Delow, KCMG, QC, MA Oxf
1995    Bragg, Melvyn, the Rt Hon Lord Bragg, MA Oxf
2012    Chalmers, Sir Neil Robert, MA Oxf, PhD Camb
1989    Checkland, Sir Michael, Kt, MA Oxf
2001    Dyson, John Anthony, the Rt Hon Lord Dyson, PC, MA Oxf
1999    Floud, Sir Roderick Castle, MA DPhil Oxf, FBA
2014    Fredman, Sandra Debbe, BA Witw, BA, BCL Oxf, FBA
2018    Gentleman, Amelia Sophie, MA Oxf
2020    Goodwin, Paul Andrew, DPhil Oxf
2015    Hannigan, Robert Peter, CMG, MA Oxf
2002    Hill, Hugh Allen Oliver, BSc PhD Belf, MA DSc Oxf, FRS
2019    Holroyde, the Hon Sir Timothy Victor, MA Oxf
2020    Knaus, Verena, MA Oxf
2019    Kunzru, Hari, MA Oxf
1986    Lee, Shau Kee

2019    Leonhard, Jörn, MA Oxf, DPhil Heidelberg
2017    Mapstone, Sally, MA DPhil Oxf
1997    Marshall, Peter James, CBE, MA DPhil Oxf, FBA
2002    Milliken, the Hon Peter Andrew Stewart, PC, BCL MA Oxf
2011    Munby, the Rt Hon Sir James Lawrence, PC, BA Oxf 1993    Rose, the Rt Hon Sir Christopher Dudley Roger, PC, BCL Oxf
2018    Russell, Stuart Jonathan, MA Oxf
1992    Sajjad, Wasim, BCL MA Oxf
2014    Sullivan, Kathleen Marie, BA Cornell, MA Oxf, JD Harv
2011    Thomson, Andrew James, OBE, MA DPhil Oxf, FRS, FRSC
2001    Williams, The Most Revd Rowan Douglas, PC, MA Camb, DPhil DD Oxf, FBA, FRSL
2006    Winkley, Sir David Ross, MA Camb, DPhil Oxf
2017    Young, Robert James Craig, MA DPhil Oxf

Emeritus Fellows

Emeritus Fellows

Emeritus Fellows are retired College Fellows. At Wadham we are delighted that many of our Emeritus Fellows are still actively involved in College life.

(Date indicates the year of election as a Fellow).

2002: Athanasou, Nicholas Anthony, MB BS MD Sydney, MA Oxf, PhD Lond, FRCPath, MRCP 
1965: Ayers, Michael Richard, MA Oxf, PhD Camb, FBA
1969: Brooker, Geoffrey Alford, MA DPhil Oxf  
1974: Brown, John Michael, BSc PhD Manc, MA Oxf, FRS 
1999: Candelas, Philip, MA Camb, MA DPhil Oxf, FRS
1970: Dyke, Keith Graham Healey, MA Oxf, PhD 
1969: Eagleton, Terence Francis, MA PhD Camb, FBA 

1989: Edwards, David John, BSc MSc PhD Brist, MA Oxf, CEng, FIEE, FRAS
1990: Fiddian, Robin William, MA PhD Edin, MA Oxf 
1978: Goss, Stephen John, MA DPhil Oxf; Keeper of the Pictures
1976: Gurney, John David, MA DPhil Oxf 
1976: Hackney, Jeffrey, BCL MA Oxf; Fellow Archivist and Clerk of the Market
2007: Hodges, Andrew Philip, MA Camb, MA Oxf, PhD Lond
1979: Howells, Christina Mary, BA PhD Lond, MA Oxf 
1986: Liu, Tao Tao, MA DPhil Oxf 
1976: Mabberley, David John, AM, MA DPhil Oxf, PhD Camb 
1985: McColl, William Finlay, BSc Strath, MA Oxf, PhD Warw
1967: Ockenden, Raymond Curtis, MA DPhil Oxf Dean of Degrees

1995: O’Donoghue, James Bernard, BPhil MA Oxf, FRSL, Editor of the Wadham Gazette
1976: Passingham, Richard Edward, MSc PhD Lond, MA Oxf, FRS
1973: Penrose, Sir Roger, OM, BSc Lond, MA Oxf, PhD Camb, FRS
1984: Ross, Graham Garland, BSc Aberd, MA Oxf, PhD Durh, FRS
1994: Sauvage, Captain Michel Pierre, RN, MA Oxf
1969: Simpson, Crispin John Stephen Moncreiff, MA DPhil Oxf
1996: Strohm, Reinhard, MA Oxf, Dr phil Berlin, FBA
2007: Sukumar, Candadi Venkatarama, MSc Madras, MA Oxf, PhD Pittsburgh
2005: Thompson, Ian Nicholas, MA Oxf, FCA
1994: Tunbridge, William Michael Gregg, MA DM Oxf, FRCP
1965: Wood, Colin John, MA Oxf, PhD Lond
1977: Woodhouse, the Hon Nicholas Michael John, MSc PhD Lond, MA Oxf

Visiting Fellows

Visiting Fellows

Former Visiting Fellow György Geréby

Former Visiting Fellow György Geréby

Wadham's Visiting Fellows include a class of Fellows created and endowed in honour of Mr T.C. Keeley, a much respected Fellow in Physics who served Wadham from 1924 to 1963. They form a welcome addition to the fellowship, and their contribution to college life is much valued.

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Former Keeley Visting Fellow, Roy MacLeod

Keeley Visiting Fellows  are appointed based on departmental nomination for a period of up to a year’s sabbatical in their chosen subject, based at Wadham.

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Wadham's staff peer supporters

Use the tabs below to discover our Tutorial Fellows and academic staff, College officers and support staff.

Wadham's tutors

Wadham's tutors

* denotes Fellow and Tutor
† denotes Professorial Fellow
‡ denotes Research Fellow
§ denotes Lecturer

Ancient History
Peter Thonemann *
Juliane Zachhuber *

Ben Berks *
David Staunton §

Biological Sciences
Nathalie Seddon *
Francesco Licausi *
Molly Grace *

Paul Beer * (Inorganic)
Darren Dixon * (Organic)
Stephan Rauschenbach * (Physical)
Lydia Gilday * (Inorganic)
Sarah Jenkinson §
Robert Penfold §

Stephen Heyworth *

Computer Science
Joe Pitt-Francis §

Alan Beggs *
Francesco Zanetti *
Yiliang Li §
Sam Altmann §

Alfonso Castrejon-Pita *
Ekaterina Shamonina *
Mark Thompson *

Jane Griffiths *
Ankhi Mukherjee *
Hannah Bailey §

Christina Benninghaus *
Jane Garnett *
Matthew Kempshall *
George Southcombe *

Human Sciences
Emma Cohen *
Rachel Tanner §

Oliver Butler *
Tarunabh Khaitan *
Sandy Steel *
Jennifer Boddy *
Heloise Robinson §
Jeffrey Hackney §

Oren Sussman *

Alexander Ritter *
Sakura Schafer-Nameki *
Paul Balister *
Ben Walker §

Andrew Farmery *
Monika Gullerova *
Adam Handel §
Ian McNab §
Autumn Rowan-Hull §
Richard Stacey §
Simon Yarrow §

Modern Languages
Rajendra Chitnis §
Emily McLaughlin *
Alice Roulliere *
Madeline Chalmers §
Michael Abecassis §
Louise Delumeau § 

Modern Languages
Carolin Duttlinger *
Simone Irmscher §
Jenny Lemke §
Reiner van Straten §
Dimitris Papanikolaou §
Guido Bonsaver §
Cláudia Pazos Alonso ‡
Philip Bullock *
Olivia Vazquez-Medina *
Richard Ashdowne §

Oriental Studies
Margaret Hillenbrand *
Paul Bevan §
Shoi-yun Kan §
Dominic Brookshaw
Sahba Shayani §
Otared Haidar §
Hiroe Kaji §

Daniel Harkin §
Alexander Paseau * 
Tom Sinclair *
Wes Wrigley §

Martin Bureau *
Fabrizio Caola *
Hannah Christensen *
Giulio Gambuti §

Paul Martin *

MaryAnn Noonan §
John Dawes §

Governing Body

Governing Body

Lord Macdonald of River Glaven Kt QC
Dr Peter Alsop
Professor Paul Balister
Dr Michael Bannon
Professor Paul Beer
Professor Alan Beggs
Dr Christina Benninghaus
Professor Ben Berks
Dr Jennifer Boddy
Professor Dominic Brookshaw
Professor Philip Bullock
Professor Martin Bureau
Dr Oliver Butler
Professor Philip Candelas
Professor Alfonso Castrejón-Pita
Dr Hannah Christensen
Professor Eric Clarke Dr Emma Cohen
Professor Darren Dixon
Ms Natalia Doan
Professor Carolin Duttlinger
Dr Evan Easton-Calabria
Professor Andrew Farmery
Dr Michael Froggatt
Dr Jane Garnett
Dr Lydia Gilday
Dr Jane Griffiths

Dr Molly Grace
Dr Monika Gullerova
Mrs Julie Hage
Professor Edmund Herzig
Professor Stephen Heyworth
Dr Margaret Hillenbrand
Professor Laura Hoyano
Dr Matthew Kempshall
Professor Tarunabh Khaitan
Professor Karl Kügle
Mrs Frances Lloyd
Dr Paul Martin
Professor Ursula Martin
Dr Caroline Mawson
Professor Colin Mayer
Dr Lucy McDermott
Dr Emily McLaughlin
Dr Jack Miller
Professor Ankhi Mukherjee
Professor Alexander Paseau
Professor Claudia Pazos-Alonso

Professor Fiona Powrie
Professor Paolo Radaelli
Dr Stephan Rauschenbach
Professor Alexander Ritter
Professor Sakura Schafer-Nameki
Professor Nathalie Seddon
Professor Ekaterina Shamonina
Ms Alice Roullière
Dr Rebecca Simson
Dr Thomas Simpson
Dr Tom Sinclair
Dr George Southcombe
Dr Sandy Steel
Dr Christopher Summerfield
Dr Oren Sussman
Dr Mark Thompson
Professor Peter Thonemann
Dr Olivia Vázquez-Medina
Dr Juliane Zachhuber
Professor Francesco Zanetti

College officers

College officers

Sub-Warden: Paul Beer
Responsible for the well-being of the Fellowship; assists and deputises for the Warden as required.

Steward of Common Room: Stephen Heyworth
Has oversight of Common Room affairs. Please direct all enquiries to the Finance Bursar's PA (tel: 277965).

Tutor for Access: Dr Hugh Munro

Tutor for Undergraduates: Jane Griffiths
is responsible for Wadham undergraduate students. With the help of the Academic Office, the Tutor for Undergraduates deals with student progress and academic monitoring, and may be consulted on academic and personal matters by any undergraduate. Please direct all enquiries to the Academic Support Administrator (tel: 277967).

Tutor for Graduates: Marin Bureau
Responsible for Wadham graduate students reading for higher degrees or diplomas.  With the help of the Tutor for Admissions, the Tutor for Graduates deals with admissions and changes of status, and may be consulted on academic or personal matters by any graduate. Please direct all enquiries to the Graduate Administrator (tel: 87460).

Director of Music: Eric Clarke 

Keeper of the Pictures: Stephen Goss

Keeper of the Silver: Karl Kugle

Secretary of Governing Body: Alan Beggs

Sub-Dean Olivia Glaze

Sub-Dean, Olivia Glaze

Dean of Degrees: Ray Ockenden
Presents members of the college for degrees, organises degree days and matriculation.  Please direct all enquiries to Teodora Rnjak (tel: 277947). 

Dean: Andrew Farmery
Responsible for various aspects of the day-to-day student life of the College and for liaison between students and the Governing Body. The Dean has authority in matters of discipline concerning the behaviour of individuals or groups, and is assisted by the Sub-Deans. Please direct all enquiries to the Academic Support Administrator (tel: 277967).

Welfare Dean: Eric Clarke

Sub-Deans: Julien Du Vergier (main site), Olivia Glaze (main site), Gabrielle Beaudry (Dorothy Wadham Building), Toluwalase (Tolu) Awoyemi (Merifield))

Keeper of the Gardens: Matthew Kempshall

Fellow Librarian: Dominic Brookshaw (tel:277927)

Fellow Archivist: Jeffrey Hackney

Ankhi Mukherjee

Tutor for Women: Ankhi Mukherjee 
deals with academic, social and personal problems, as well as wider issues relating to women students.

Tutor for Race: Alfonso Castrejón-Pita
Deals with issues problems or queries relating particularly to race equality in the College. 

Tutor for Equality & Diversity: Philip Bullock
Deals with equality issues relating to age, disability, gender reassignment, marriage or civil partnership, pregnancy and parenthood, religion or belief, sex, and sexual orientation. 

Editor of the 'Wadham College Gazette': Bernard O'Donoghue
Past copies of the Wadham Gazette may be available upon request. Please contact Salome Parker for further information (tel: 277595).

Senior Treasurer of Amalgamated Clubs: Frances Lloyd
Oversees the distribution of money between various clubs and sporting facilities, and the running of the sports ground.

Support staff

Support staff

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Catering team members

Administration Staff
Accommodation & Events Officer: Jo-Ann Wheble, 277969   
Head of Accommodation, Sales & Events: Daniel Swingler 277579
Sales & Events Executive: Krista Karppinen, 277558   
Sales & Events Executive: Rebecca Morris, 287468 
Deputy Domestic Bursar Neil Tindall, 277941
Domestic Bursar's PA: Sarah Mitchell-Butler, 277963 
HR Manager: Joanne Perkins, 277909
HR Officer: 277968
Warden's Executive Assistant: Tamara Parsons-Baker, 277931
Head of Website and Communications: Julia Banfield, 287453

Accounts Department
Finance Bursar’s PA & Fellows’ Secretary: Katarina Bjurstedt, 277965  
College Accountant: Vince Skeffington, 277950  
Senior Bursary Clerk: Jan Lees, 277952  
Payroll officer: Radha Tharmalingam, 277980   
Bursary Clerk: Joan Griffin, 277951
Accounts Assistant: Deborah Taylor, 277951

Development Office      
Development Director: Julie Hage, 277977
Deputy Development Director: Marco Zhang 277542
Development Officer- Research: Angela Jefferson (p/t), 277543  
Events & Communications Officer: Salome Parker, 277595
Database and Finance Officer: Graham Beake, 77544
Executive Officer: Rachel Saunders, 77970
Annual Fund Manager: William Parry, 77570
Development Office Administrator: Karen Farr, 77953

Librarian: Tim Kirtley, 277914
Assistant Librarian: Francesca Heaney,  277914
Persian Studies Section Co-ordinator: Dr Mohammad Emami, 287138

Academic Office
Senior Tutor: Dr Mike Froggatt, 277946
Academic Administrator: Dr Katherine Allen, 277967
Academic Support Administrator: Jo Thompson, 277949
Tutorial Administrator: Teodora Rnjak, 277947
Admissions Officer: Dr Alison Meakes, 277545
Graduate Administrator: Charlotte Xie, 287460
Access & Outreach Officer: Dr Hugh Munro, 287311
Access Assistant: Dr Catherine Seed, 287139
Academic Records Manager: Catherine Boyle, 611834

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Members of the College Works team

Domestic Staff              
Head Butler: 277906   
Head Chef: 277908   
Head Porter: 277900   
Housekeeper: 277916   
Assistant Housekeeper: 277981  
Works Manager: 277554  
Head Gardener: 277900    
Merifield Manager: 432259  
Groundsman: 310382   
Boatman: 07767770748    

Medical staff            
College Nurse: Carolyn Ruhle, 277955  
College Dentist: Drs FG & LR Fabian, 249492    
College Doctors: Dr Deborah Waller, 240501; Dr Richard Silvester, 240501    

IT Department      
Head of Information and Computer Technology: Lee Wootton
Senior Systems Administrator: Gordon Berry, 277988    
IT and AV Technician: Crispin Raine, 277594    


Research Associates

Wadham's Research Associates help increase intellectual exchange between Wadham’s graduate students and the College faculty. Find out more

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Room bookings

Details of how to book a room for our Fellows, academics and students

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