Research Associates

Wadham's Research Associates help increase intellectual exchange between Wadham’s graduate students and the College faculty.

  • Becky, Heloïse, Mathias and Hannah

    Wadham Research Associates: Becky, Heloïse, Mathias and Hannah

Wadham's Research Associates are early-career researchers from a range of academic disciplines, who enhance intellectual exchange and interaction between graduate students and the College's Fellows.

As well as broader initiatives, they organise events series which can range from seminars and workshops like the 'Wadham in Objects' evening events, to more relaxed events like the 'Dorothy Café'. All are conceived with an element of fun and all with a view to exploring the special and singular community of the College. Currently, there are four Research Associates. They are always open to suggestions for events, so please get in touch if you would like to. You can contact the RAs at

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