Visiting Fellowships

Visiting Fellows are a welcome addition to the Wadham fellowship, and their contribution to College life is much valued.

Wadham College’s Visiting Fellowship scheme is open to scholars who already have full financial support, are intended to provide visiting academics with a social and academic base where they can meet academics with a broader range of interests than might otherwise be likely within a single Faculty or Department, encouraging interdisciplinary collaboration.

It is expected that the Fellows will be based in Oxford for the period of the Fellowships, which may be for all, or part of, the academic year, and will actively contribute to the academic and social life of the College. The Visiting Fellows are members of the College’s Senior Common Room and are entitled to lunch and dinner free of charge at Common Table.  Accommodation is not provided. The Fellowships are open to academics undertaking academic research in any subject.

How and when to apply

A call for applications will be made at the end of January for a deadline in the spring, and a link will be available on the College website when the latest round of the competition has opened. Nominations are invited from Faculties or Departments, and from individual senior members of the University of Oxford. Awards are usually announced in May for the following academic year. Applications are particularly welcome from women and black and minority ethnic candidates, who are under-represented in academic posts in Oxford.

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Origins of the Keeley Visiting Fellowship

The Keeley Visiting Fellows are a class of Fellows created and endowed in honour of Mr Thomas Clews Keeley (1894-1988), a much respected Fellow in Physics who worked at Wadham from 1924 to 1963.

After retirement, he devoted himself tirelessly to the affairs on the Wadham Society. He died in 1988 having lived in College for 64 of his 94 years, leaving half of his estate to the College.

Our Visiting Fellows to date

2021-2022 Professor Paul Acker; Dr Federico Formenti; Dr Peter Johnson (MT21, TT22); Dr Andrea Mulligan (HT & TT22); Professor Sorin Bangu (TT22)
2020-2021 Dr Federico Formenti; Dr Andrea Mulligan; Dr Ido Israelowich; Professor Sorin Bangu
2019-20 Dr Perry Blackshear; Professor Cinnamon Piñon Carlarne
2018-19 Professor Claudia Rapp, FBA; Dr Mahsa Shirmohammadi; Nick Timothy
2017-18 Professor Michael Rosen
2016-17 Professor Elio Brancaforte; Professor David Reznick; Professor Jane Stevenson
2015-16 Professor Anne Lofaso (HT, TT); Professor Allan Manson (HT); Professor Hilary Owen (HT, TT); Dr Nicolò Sibilla (HT, TT)
2016      Professor Francesco Rognoni (TT) 
2015      Professor Seth Lerer (HT)
2014-15 Sir Stephen Sedley
2014      Dr Laurel Fulkerson (MT)
2013-14 Professor György Geréby; Professor Marius Usher, Ph.D.
2013      Professor Roy M. MacLeod
2012      Professor John M. Drake
2012-13 Professor Brian F. Havel, J.S.D.
2011      Professor Dr Paulo de Medeiros
2011-12 Professor Brian F. Havel, J.S.D.
2010-11 Professor Dr Hans Bernsdorff
2010      Professor Arvind Raman; Professor Fernando Rodgriguez Villegas
2009      Professor Thomas Hurka
2008-09 Professor Roberta Gilchrist
2007-08 Professor Pamela Clemit
2006-07 Professor Michael Depledge
2005-06 Professor Steven J Rose
2003-04 Professor Leslie Sebba
2001-02 Paul D Sniefowskie; Rosemary FG Wyse
2001      Professor Constantine M. Dafermos;  Robert W Wallace
2000      Professor John C. Hirsh; Rachel Scarth
1998-99 Professor Thomas E. Cogswell;  Terence Bull
1997-98 Gail Fine (HT, TT); Donald Mitchell (HT, TT)
1996-97 Professor Richard C Henry
1995-96 Dr Randall Kirschman; Professor Hans-Jochen Schiewer
1995      Professor Thomas D. Gelehrter
1992-93 Professor Gary A Wegner; Daniel Stashower
(If you were a Keeley Visiting Fellow here and your name is not listed above please don't hesitate to get in touch). 

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