Access and Outreach - Evaluation

Wadham's Impact Reports review the access and outreach work carried out by the College each year as part of our Access to Excellence programme.

Widening participation

Sharing evidence from Wadham’s access programmes to support best practice, our Impact Reports demonstrate increasing numbers of students from our outreach programmes applying to, and securing places at, Oxford University and other top universities.

Biology summer school participants

2020 Impact Report

"At a time when solutions to the world's most pressing challenges depend on research, innovation and creative insight, supporting the brightest talent - wherever it is found - remains our unwavering priority."
Ken Macdonald  QC, Warden

"The current pandemic has exposed the deep inequities in our society and its effects will be disproportionately borne by those already disadvantaged. As the University of Oxford navigates this new world, it will be more important than ever that we ensure educational opportunity for smart, ambitious young people of every background."

"This is why Wadham's redoubled focus on access and on clear headed evaluation of its programmes is so important."

Professor Louise Richardson, Vice-Chancellor, University of Oxford.

We are grateful for the many members of the Wadham community, including tutors, students and alumni, who have helped Wadham widen its doors to talented students from all backgrounds. Your generous support has made Access to Excellence possible.