Alumni voices

Members of the Wadham community explain why the Access to Excellence programme is so important to them

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One really special thing about Wadham is its liberal, progressive ethos…we had everything that was amazing about an Oxford education without all the stuffiness

Amelia Gentleman (History and Russian, 1991) Journalist

Widening access to Oxford is ever more important in a period of reduced social mobility. Wadham plays a vital part in building a fairer future

Gerard Clarke (History, 1981) Barrister, Blackstone Chambers

For Wadham to remain a vibrant community, attracting students from a diverse range of backgrounds, and a centre of academic excellence, it is vital that alumni contribute to the benefit of future generations

Dave Dudding (History, 1990) Fund Manager, Columbia Threadneedle Investments

Wadham’s access programme has been inspirational, it has changed lives. In the future, if we all gave a little bit, this access programme could be so much more impactful

Jojo Sanders (PPE, 1998)

“My father was a Hong Kong taxi driver and my mother a tailor. Studying in Oxford was an impossible dream for me. But when I was given a scholarship to Wadham I resolved to pass the blessings to others”
Victor Lee (Engineering, 1993)

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Wadham saw my potential and believed in me

Gage Kumar Rull (Classics, 2014 and attendee of the 2013 Classics Summer School)

Wadham was open, unpretentious, diverse – and fun!  I was comfortable at Wadham, which enabled me to find my way, both academically and personally

Eileen E. Gillese (Law, 1977) Justice of the Court of Appeal for Ontario

Without alumni support, we couldn’t reach out to so many young people from backgrounds that don’t traditionally apply to university, let alone Oxford. The ability to support these students from school, through their education at Wadham, and into their careers is so important

Emily Cannon, Access and Outreach Officer, Wadham

“I continue to give generously to Wadham because of the way it puts unlikely people together, allowing serendipity to flow across the generations”
Stephen Stow (Law, 1973) Foundation Fellow and Private Equity Partner

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Wadham has been at the forefront of ensuring that the excellence of education we have been privileged to benefit from is available to those on the basis of ability, no matter what their background. This has ensured a diversity of the student body which enriches the experience for everyone. I much appreciated this as a student and it is a key reason for my continued involvement with Wadham

Maurice Ostro (Law, 1985) Chairman of Ostro Minerals (UK) and Fayre Share Investments

Many of us, probably a majority, were at university during the Golden Age when not only were tuition fees paid for all, but many from less well-off backgrounds received maintenance grants. All students, other than those with very rich and equally kind families will today finish their undergraduate degrees with substantial, not to say for some, frightening debts

Jeffrey Hackney (Law, 1959) Emeritus Fellow and Lecturer in Law