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Support Wadham's Access to Excellence strategy.

How you can help us to broaden access and raise standards

Wadham has a vibrant outreach programme designed to encourage academically talented school students, regardless of background, to apply to Oxford and other Russell Group universities. We also offer practical advice to prospective applicants through a wide range of activities.

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How you can help Wadham undergraduates to thrive

The financial burden of university education is higher than ever before. Wadham and Oxford are committed to offering bursaries to all UK and EU undergraduates from families on a modest income. Our aim is to help any talented student who has succeeded in gaining a place but needs financial support to take it up.

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How you can help us to attract the best graduate talent

Overall, one in three successful graduate applicants does not take up their offer to study at Oxford. Recent surveys indicate that a large proportion of those who decline their graduate place do so for lack of funding.

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