Rowing: Wadham College Boat Club Society

Wadham rowers past and present are a thriving community both on and off the water. Wadham College Boat Club Society (WCBCS) welcomes members of the Wadham Boat Club and their supporters to join the social and competitive events held each year.

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About us

Membership of the Boat Club Society is open to all who support and would like to help the current Boat Club or keep in touch with old rowing friends at Wadham.  Each year in September the Society holds a regatta and Dinner in Oxford, a great chance to meet up with friends and meet new people all with the same aim - to remember and celebrate their rowing days at Wadham.


Join us to help both Wadham 1st crews become Head of the River. Contact us for more information. Join our Facebook Page.
Visit Wadham College Boat Club website.

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Our mission
WCBS exists to help the performance of the Boat Club so that all crews are as successful as possible, and to develop a society which increases the enjoyment of rowing for former and current Wadham oarspeople.


Membership and support

To join the Society and support Wadham rowing, please select below. If you would like to join the Society, but are not yet able to make a financial contribution towards the Boat Clubs, please take the £1 annual option.

£25 a year £3 a month £4 a month £10 a month £1 a year

Our objectives:

  • Ensuring crews are well coached
  • Providing financial support through the College Boat Fund to fund coaching and equipment
  • Giving experienced advice
  • Supporting participation in the sport by a broad mix of current Wadham students, of all abilities
  • Providing the Society’s members with news of the Boat Clubs’ progress
  • Organising an annual regatta and The President’s Dinner
  • Encouraging past members of the Boat Club to join the Society, so seeking to spread the financial cost of Wadham Rowing across a broad base of support

Committee Members

President - The Warden
Chairman -  Ben Williams (1988)
Treasurer - Diana Mountain (1984)
Membership Secretary - Jane Osborne (1996)
Social Secretary - Lucy Ventress (2005)
WCBC Liaison -  Diana Mountain (1984)
3rd Torpid 1982 Representative  - Gavin Stewart  (1981)
Coaching Coordinator -  Rod Andrews
Newsletter Editor - Stephanie Hall (2012)
Committee Members: Conor O’Neill (2000), Paul Bowen (1962), current Boat Club Presidents; Jovana Pepic, Aidan Gallagher

Wadham's rowing history

In common with many of the Oxford colleges, rowing was the first organised sport at Wadham. The Boat Club was founded at some point before 1837, making it one of the middle batch of colleges to found formal boat clubs. Only a decade or so later, however, Wadham achieved notable success when, in 1849, the college won both the Ladies Challenge Plate and the Grand Challenge Cup at Henley Royal Regatta.

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WCBS exists because of the vision and dedication of one man - the Revd. Vere Ducker (pictured left).  A stalwart of the 1925 five bump Wadham Torpid, he had been a keen supporter of rowing at the College through the years, until in 1974, a chance meeting started the ball rolling. Sadly Vere died in 1996 and he will always be deeply missed. More

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The Wadham Barge on a gravel pit near Cassington in 1982, before it burnt down.

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