Keeping in touch - where's the envelope?

Dear alumni,
Over the Christmas break you may have received by post from Wadham a Let’s keep in touch brochure for you to fill in and return. Unfortunately, due to an oversight by our printers, a reply envelope was not included with the form.

We are extremely grateful to the many of you who have kindly returned the forms to us using your own envelopes and postage – thank you!

This week we are re-posting the PIF/PIPF with a reply envelope to alumni who have not yet replied.

We are therefore extending the brochure return deadline to February 15 - so you will still be entered into our draw for £50 worth of book vouchers.

Thank you for your understanding and our sincere apologies for any duplication caused by this overlap – kindly ignore this subsequent mailing if you have already returned your completed form.

Best wishes for 2019,The Wadham Development Team