Leaving a legacy to Wadham

"Without a College scholarship I might never have been able to attend Oxford. Now I want to help future generations benefit from the same inclusiveness by leaving a gift in my will."
Colin Drummond, (Classics, 1969), President of the 1610 Society

The spirit of Nicholas and Dorothy’s ideas are part of the Wadham legacy today. The reputation which Wadham enjoys as a dynamic centre of learning and research reflects our commitment to inclusiveness, excellence and independence. This means nurturing the brilliance of the most capable students irrespective of their financial situation, gender or ethnicity. It means maintaining the highest quality of scholarship and research. And it means ensuring independent thinking is guaranteed by well planned College finances.

Competing with the finest academic institutions in the world makes this an exciting and challenging time. That’s why your involvement in the future of Wadham is so greatly appreciated. By remembering the College with a gift in your will, you can help to support scholarships, bursaries and grants; to fund Fellowships; and to enhance our College environment. I very much hope I can encourage you to join the alumni and friends who, over the centuries, have helped make Wadham what it is today and can be tomorrow.
Colin Drummond, (Classics, 1969), President of the 1610 Society

Helping you with next steps

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1610 Society

The 1610 Society was developed to bring together a group of like-minded people and specifically to promote legacy giving that would provide the College with adequate funds to allow it to pursue its long-term strategic goals.

Membership of the 1610 Society is open to those who pledge to remember the College in their wills.  If you have not already done so, please do contact the Development Office to let us know, so you may be invited to special events and the annual 1610 Society Dinner each September.

1610 Society members benefit from an annual dinner with the Warden and Fellows and invitations to other bespoke events.

Legacy Advice
John Simms (Law, 1964), an Oxford-based solicitor, has kindly agreed to help the 1610 Society by offering confidential advice to Wadham alumni on incorporating a legacy to Wadham into their wills.
Contact him on +44 (0)1865 311133 or jsimms@bowerandbailey.co.uk

1610 Society Committee:
Colin Drummond (1969) President
Diana Blease (1987)
Julie Curtis (1974)
Victoria Harper (1976)
Tony Halmos (1969)
Tony Laird (1970)
Leon Pickering (2003)
Joe Romig (1963)
Andrew Smith (1967)
Nigel Tricker (1964)

Legacy information and forms
Legacy Brochure (pdf)
Legacy Pledge Form (pdf)
Codicil Form (pdf)

For more information, please contact the Development Office on +44 (0) 1865 277970 development.team@wadham.ox.ac.uk or Colin Drummond at colin.drummond@tst.nhs.uk

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