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Thanks to the generosity of our alumni and friends funding scholarships, access programmes, fellowships and facilities, our students are given an opportunity to study here that is changing their lives.

How you are helping: Access and outreach

The Wadham students that came to the access talk at my school didn’t seem like they were from Oxford – they were so friendly and open and they made it clear that you weren’t discriminated against if you came from a poorer background. They said Oxford was looking for people with potential, and that’s what struck me.

Sarah Atayero (2013, Experimental Psychology)

Play Engineering summer school

How you are helping: Scholarships and bursaries

For me the Hackney Scholarship has been life-changing. Not only has it secured my ability to study on the BCL, but it has also allowed me to plan for my professional future. I am focusing on Human Rights and Employment Law on the BCL and I hope to practice in these areas in my future career

Rachel Clement (2009, Law)

From my home in Africa I applied for the one year multi-disciplinary programme at the Blavatnik School of Government without knowing how I was going to pay, but thankfully I was awarded a scholarship. It has given me the opportunity to develop myself to become world class and help me fulfill my dreams for African development.

Charles Dollie (2013)

How you are helping: Inspiration and aspiration days

How you are helping: Travel grants and awards

How you are helping: Awards and prizes

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