The Wadham Fund

The Wadham Fund is a way for alumni to give support directly to current students.

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Access engagement and Wadham students

Supporting our 2021 annual appeal

It has been a particularly difficult period financially for many of our students and for the College, given the impact of the pandemic. As our annual appeal lands in the post, we ask alumni who are able to give at this time to make a donation and help support the best and brightest students at Wadham. Donations – large and small – make a meaningful difference.

Making a regular gift - why donate?

By donating to the Wadham Fund, you share our commitment to opening doors to the brightest young minds from all backgrounds.

Your contribution enables us to bring inquisitive school pupils to Wadham and open up the possibilities of an Oxford education. It also helps us break down financial barriers and fulfil potential – through means-tested bursaries, hardship grants and graduate scholarships.

Above all, your generosity enables us to sustain excellence by supporting world-class research. Better still, by setting up a regular gift, you give us the financial stability to continue providing access to excellent facilities and a world-class education, now and in the future. The funding we receive every year is vital to our ability to support our students and the costly tutorial system.

This year has been challenging for everyone, including the College. With enormous pressure on Wadham’s finances, donations of all sizes to the Wadham Fund, which includes our Covid-19 appeal to support additional student hardship, will help shield the College endowment from the economic downturn.

Please help us give to others the opportunities that the College once gave you by making a gift to the Wadham Fund.

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The impact of gifts on Wadham College

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Opening Doors

Wadham is demonstrating that fair access and academic excellence go hand in hand. We are committed to breaking down barriers and finding the most talented students, wherever they may be. We work with schools to encourage the most gifted pupils, from all backgrounds, to raise their aspirations and we support these young people as they pursue their dreams of higher education. More

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Fulfilling potential

Our commitment to fair access is strengthened by ensuring that the academic and extracurricular ambitions of those studying at Wadham are not hampered by financial concerns. Alumni support provides bursaries and grants to those who find themselves in financial hardship during their courses. We offer pastoral and academic support to ensure that all students thrive at Wadham. More

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Sustaining excellence

Our academics play a pivotal role in training and nurturing our students to fulfil their potential. As world-leading scholars, Wadham tutors and graduate students are changing the way we look at the world and improving it for generations to come. Their vital contribution to the Wadham community encourages an atmosphere of progress, unconventional thinking, and vigorous debate. More

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Last year, 1,629 alumni donated to Wadham, raising £585,000 towards the Wadham Fund. We are truly grateful for your support.

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Donate now