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Students share how Wadham has made a significant impact on their lives thanks to alumni generosity. 


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Xiyan Li (Mathematics, 2014)
"I grew up in China and then decided to study abroad in the UK. At that time I knew nothing about the Oxford college system and had absolutely no idea about how to choose college. During the summer my tutor took us to attend open days here. That was an amazing experience during which we enjoyed great food, assistance from friendly student helpers and detailed information sessions. Without hesitation I chose to apply to Wadham College in my UCAS application. The core aim of access makes Wadham stand out among all colleges and demystifies the Oxford experience to people from different backgrounds."

Shayaan Rehman

Shayaan Reham (Jurisprudence, 2015)     "The yearly grant I receive from Wadham has allowed me to experience everything Oxford has to offer. I am able to participate in extracurricular activities and join clubs and societies I otherwise would not have had access to without the generous funding provided by College. I hope that future generations of students are able to benefit from similar generosity as I know how much it can enhance their time at University!"

Liam Hyde

Liam Hyde (PPE, 2015)
“The Wadham Fund contributes to so much fantastic access work, with projects reaching out to state schools in Hertfordshire, London, Milton Keynes and elsewhere. I’ve been lucky enough to get involved with running some of the tours of Wadham, activity days, open days and various other events for students ranging in age from 9 or 10, up to 16 and 17. The fact that we are able to run these access events is down in large part to the generosity of donors to the Wadham Fund. So thank you very much – and please continue to donate!”

Rebecca Rose

Rebecca Rose (Jurisprudence, 2014)
"I know that many of us in Wadham have a particular concern about access issues and financial support for students. Growing up on a farm in rural Devon, I didn't know anybody other than my teachers who had been to university. I know firsthand the impact a talk from current Oxbridge students had for both me and my friends who had never previously considered that we had a chance of getting in, or fitting in. I personally could not have come to Wadham without the grants I receive. I think it is even more important in light of recent changes that Wadham is able to ensure that the best students are able to afford to come, no matter their financial background. "


Sebastian Grogan (Modern Languages (French), 2015)
"Little did I know before coming to Wadham how welcoming and friendly the atmosphere would be. I chose to apply here mainly because of its academic reputation and was pleasantly surprised, to say the least, by how easy I have settled in. Being part of the rowing and rugby teams has especially helped me develop some lasting friendships as well as providing some memorable experiences that I’m sure I will forever cherish."

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Keshvi Radia (Mathematics, 2014)             "For me, Wadham is a place of learning in every sense. Not only have I been taught by extraordinary tutors, but the liberal and progressive ethos means that diversity and discourse thrive. Our extensive grounds and facilities encourage students to discover new skills, and funding from alumni has ensured that - uniquely amongst Oxford colleges - many of these are accessible to the entire student body." 

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Kishan Makwana (Physics, 2015)         "Having just completed my first year at Wadham, in reflection I feel extremely privileged to receive such academic support from the college. Not only do our tutors balance their academic research with teaching all 4 years of our course, but they manage to find time to write references, hold extra revision classes and provide individual feedback on assignments and general progress and I am grateful to them and the College for this. Wadham itself is also a dynamic and encouraging environment for new ideas. Having identified a of lack extra-curricular opportunities for STEM students to apply themselves to within the University, I along with a group of follow Wadhamites decided to setup up the Oxford University Rocketry Society and the College was very supportive of it."

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Frances Benson(History, 2015)           "During my time at Wadham I have truly been made to feel at home, not only are the other students amazing and welcoming, but also everyone else, from the scouts to the tutors to the porters, Wadham always has time for its students. My first year would not have been the same had it not been for the help which wadham has given me, the college has supported my endeavour to play sport for at university level, both financially, and in terms of rearranging tutorials. On top of this, I am confident that my experience of Oxford will only continue to be improved by belonging to Wadham, as through its support I have been able to finance a volunteering project for this summer! I am both grateful and excited to be able to continue belonging to such a welcoming and inclusive environment."

Thank you to our donors who support current students in their educational journey!