Sunday in Chapel

25th February 2018

04, 11, 18, 25 Feb 6pm, Wadham College Chapel

Join us for Choral Evensong, sung by the Chapel Choir each Sunday. The services are open to all college members and staff, families and friends as well as members of the public.

Services and Preachers

Faith at Work
This term we will be hearing from different people about how their faith motivates or inspires their work. We will also attend the Intercollegiate Service at St Mary’s Church and will end the term with a narrative of Jesus’ Passion (crucifixion narrative).

4th Week, 4 February
Working for the Right to Just Love within the Church of England
Jayne Ozanne is a well-known gay evangelical who works to ensure full inclusion of all LGBTI+ Christians at every level of the Church. She has held a variety of unusual roles from managing brands such as BBC Television, Fairy Liquid and Huggies to working with Tony Blair, the Vicar of Baghdad and Princess Benedicte of Denmark. She now lives on a wing and a prayer – quite literally.

5th Week, 11 February
Professor Anthony Reddie is a learning and development officer for the Methodist Church.
He has written over 70 essays and articles on Christian Education and Black Theology. He is author and editor of 17 books including Black Theology (SCM 2012), Contesting Post-Racialism (2015) and Journeying to Justice (2017)

6th Week, 18 February
On a Wing and a Prayer
Dr Daniel Hayhow was the lead author of the recent The State of the UK’s Birds 2017 and featured on the BBC’s Countryfile. He is a conservation scientist with the RSPB and reports on how environmental changes impact migrating bird patterns. He and his partner Nathan have 3 dogs, 2 guinea pigs, a flock of doves and 2 young boys.

7th Week, 25 February
Inter-Collegiate Service at The University Church 5.30pm

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