Hero-Man: Champion of Justice

18th February 2020

Burton Taylor Studio, Oxford Playhouse, 9.30pm, 18-22 Feb

Don't miss this thrilling new comedy rock opera written by Wadham student Raymond Douglas.

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    Illustration by Elanor Ludlam

Hero-Man: Champion of Justice, directed by Raymond Douglas (Maths and Philosophy, 2018) and Lowri Spear (English, 2018), follows the zany (yet tragic) misadventures of Hero-Man, his best friend Tim, and his talking dog Zap, as they stand alone against the forces of darkness.

Every week, Reknaw tries to destroy the world for the glory of Lord Zero, and every week he is foiled with moments to spare, by Hero-Man, Champion of Justice, Wielder of the Sword of Will. But everything changes when another minion of Lord Zero appears: Sinep, master of deception...