Reith Lectures with Stuart Russell

1st December 2021

Lectures 1 - 10 November, (London, Manchester, Edinburgh, Newcastle). Broadcast from 1 December on BBC Sounds.

Living with Artificial Intelligence is the subject of the BBC 2021 Reith Lectures by Wadham Honorary Fellow, Professor Stuart Russell (Physics, 1979)

The Reith Lectures will be broadcast from 1 December 2021

Further information
  • Professor Stuart Russell

Professor Russell will deliver four lectures this autumn, which will explore the impact of AI on our lives and discuss how we can retain power over machines more powerful than ourselves.

The lectures will examine what Russell will argue is the most profound change in human history as the world becomes increasingly reliant on super-powerful AI. Examining the impact of AI on jobs, military conflict and human behaviour, Russell will argue that our current approach to AI is wrong and that if we continue down this path, we will have less and less control over AI at the same time as it has an increasing impact on our lives. How can we ensure machines do the right thing? The lectures will suggest a way forward based on a new model for AI, one based on machines that learn about and defer to human preferences.

The series of lectures will be broadcast on Radio 4 and the World Service as well as available on BBC Sounds, chaired by presenter, journalist and author, Anita Anand.

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