Sunday in Chapel

30th January 2022

16, 23, 30 January, 6pm, Wadham College Chapel

Join us for Choral Evensong, sung by the Chapel Choir each Sunday. The services are open to all college members and staff, families and friends as well as members of the public.

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Joy in Hilary

Hilary Term is named for the fourth-century bishop and theologian St Hilary of Poitiers, whose feast day falls around the beginning of term. The name ‘Hilary’ means ‘cheerful’ – Latin hilaris, from Greek hilaros, ‘cheerful, merry, gracious’. Low light levels, damp weather, and ceaseless toil from January through March have generated the label ‘Horrible Hilary’. In Wadham Chapel this term, however, we will take ‘Hilary’ at its word, pondering and celebrating the phenomenon of joy and what brings us joy.

1st week 16 January - Joy in Hilary: What’s in a name?
In the second of a series inspired by Oxford term names, The Chaplain considers the ubiquity and necessity of joy in our lives.

2nd week 23 January - The Neuroscience and Psychology of Joy
Natalia Potter is a Sarah Lawrence Programme student majoring in Neuroscience with interest in empathy, emotion regulation, and goal directed, habitual behaviors.

3rd week 30 January - Joy in the midst of Sorrow: Mother Maria of Paris
James Roberts is a DPhil candidate at Harris Manchester College, studying the theology of Mother Maria Skobtsova (d. 1945), a poet, essayist, artist, and Russian Orthodox nun who ran a house of refuge in Paris which tended to the spiritual and material needs of destitute Russian emigres, and also aided Jewish Parisians fleeing to safety, for which work she gave her life.

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