Wadham Ball 2022: Solstice


24 June 2022




Wadham Gardens


Alumni and students are invited to Wadham Gardens for a celebration of the Summer Solstice at the 2022 Ball.

This summer, the triennial Wadham Ball will be held on Friday 24 June 2022 in Wadham Gardens. 

Complete with multiple stages, bars and performers, the Wadham community is looking forward to an Oxford tradition that not many of the undergraduate population has experienced after two summers of Covid-19. Lasting from 7pm until late into the night, it looks set to be a great event.  

The Ball is a non-commercial venture, organised exclusively by a Committee of volunteers from the undergraduate community, and any profits made are donated to a charity of the Committee’s choosing. 

Attendees are made up of current students, alumni, their guests and non-Wadhamites. Ball tickets are now available to purchase for Alumni and their guests. Wadhamites may bring up to four guests with them. General release tickets are available in January. 

Sponsors for 2016 and 2019 balls included Red Bull, Shotover Brewery, and älska.  

Tickets are found at:


They cost £156 (+ booking fee).

In line with tradition, every Wadham Ball has a theme. Our vision for this year’s ball is Solstice. With that in mind, Wadham invites you to join in us in Wadham Gardens for a celebration of this Summer Solstice: a time when the rules of nature are suspended, when spirits and fairies move among us, and humans can transcend the usual limitations of our world. In line with ancient traditions we will celebrate the sun’s strength on the longest day of the year, but as daylight recedes and the boundaries between our world and others waver, prepare for a night of revelry and enchantment.

Rachel Hart, Ball Committee member comments: "It will be wonderful to see many Wadhamites, alumni and students, at the Ball. Our ball is held in the final week of the Oxford academic year and is thus one of the largest balls in the Oxford calendar with up to 1200 guests in attendance."