Wadham Fellow leading biodiversity

20th November 2013


Wadham’s Nathalie Seddon has been appointed Director of Oxford’s Biodiversity Institute.

The Biodiversity Institute integrates biodiversity research from across the University of Oxford to create a strong collaborative research network that not only leads the science of biodiversity but also develops frameworks, structures and novel technologies to implement this science into management and policy. Its focus on clarifying the processes generating and sustaining biodiversity, and linking biodiversity to ecosystem function, aims to help businesses and society develop best practices to conserve biodiverse ecosystems into the next century.

The Biodiversity Institute forms part of the Oxford Martin School, an interdisciplinary research community of over 300 scholars working to address the most pressing global challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Nathalie is Tutorial Fellow in Biology at Wadham College, a Royal Society University Research Fellow, and University Lecturer in Evolutionary Ecology. Her research aims to understand the evolutionary and ecological processes generating and sustaining biodiversity. Her current work combines global comparative analyses, experimental field and lab studies, and molecular techniques to explore the role of natural selection, sexual selection and species interactions on phenotypic evolution and speciation.

Nathalie will continue to work with the Institute’s former Director, Kathy Willis, who has taken up a secondment as Director of Science at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.