New eights for Wadham

29th April 2014

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Rowers past and present gathered in the Front Quad to witness the naming of Wadham Boat Club’s two sleek new first VIII boats.

  • WCBS member Nigel Pond (1979, Law) and his wife Kristanne

  • Joseph Blackmore, WCBC Men's President

  • Coach, Rod Andrews

  • The Wadham men's crew

  • The Wadham women's crew

The men’s boat, the Kristanne Claire and the women’s boat, the Rod Andrews, were both officially named by their namesakes, coach Rod Andrews and the wife of alumnus Nigel Pond (1979, Law), Kristanne.

The acquisition of the new boats has been in substantial part made possible by the generous gift of Nigel Pond. Kristanne commented that she was extremely flattered that she and Nigel’s mother Claire had one of the boats named after them.
Following the success of the Wadham women’s crew in the intercollegiate race at Henley earlier this year, Rod commented that he was hopeful that Wadham would perform well in the forthcoming Summer Eights event.

Joseph Blackmore, WCBC Men's President commented: "It's great to be able to officially name the new boats in such an historic setting as Wadham's Front Quad. These new Filippi boats along with our current second VIII Filippi boats, mean that we now have four matched eights making it very easy to manage the squad in terms of flexibility and upkeep. We look forward to having the new boats with us for many years to come with a view to cascading them down to the lower boats after having served six years as the first eights.”

“I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the Boat Club Society once again, in particular Nigel Pond, for their continued support of the Boat Club, allowing us to upgrade our current fleet with these two new stunning boats," he added.