Wadham man on the moon

12th August 2014

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How old is the moon and where did it come from? These are two of the questions addressed by Wadham Fellow Alex Halliday in a new Royal Society video, discussing theories about the origins of the moon, its age and the ongoing scientific studies into its properties.

  • The moon

    The moon
    Photo: Luc Viatour / www.Lucnix.be via Wikimedia Commons

  • John Wilkins Discovery of the World in a Moon

    John Wilkins Discovery of the World in a Moon
    Photo via Wikimedia Commons

Filmed in the gardens of Wadham College, Alex answers questions about the age of the moon, the start of modern astronomy and the role that Wadham’s former Warden, John Wilkins played by formulating ideas of how to travel to the moon and what one might find there.

These ideas were summarised in one of Wilkins’s many books, “The Discovery of the World in the Moon.”
Halliday was guest editor along with David Stevenson of a recent Royal Society Publishing Philosophic Transaction publication, ‘Origin of the Moon: Challenges and Prospects’. This issue summarises the current state of our understanding of the moon and its origins, as well as the challenges that still remain, based on a Royal Society meeting held in September, 2013.

Professor Alex Halliday, Wadham Fellow by Special Election and Head of the Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences Division of the University of Oxford, is to become Vice President (Physical Secretary) of the Royal Society in December2014.

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