Regatta runners-up

16th December 2014

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Novice women finish runners-up as four Wadham boats race in Christ Church Regatta. The annual four-day regatta is held every Michaelmas term, reports cox Joseph Reason (2012, Medicine).

On the first day, due to high water and a fast current, Gavin from St. Hugh’s College Boat Club kindly agreed to help WCBC to cox the regatta. Wadham had entered four boats; two women’s and two men’s boats. The first day went exceptionally well as all boats beat their opponents, showing the strength of this year’s novice intake and how hard they had worked all term.

Wadham WA were first up against Linacre WA and pushed hard all the way to the finish in a very close race, winning by a canvas. Wadham MB beat Pembroke MB comfortably, winning by two lengths. Wadham WB won against Mansfield WA by 1 length showing how, once again, the women’s second crews are able to compete against first boats and still come out on top. Wadham MA capped the day off by beating Teddy Hall MB by one length.

On the second day, Harriet from Hertford College Boat Club also helped cox the boats. Wadham WA again started off the day, easing past St Hilda’s who caught a crab in their first 30 strokes, and then kept pulling away to win the race with a huge margin. Wadham WB followed, again rowing well but lost against Somerville WB, however Somerville used senior rowers and so were a “friendly boat”, meaning that the girls advanced despite their loss. Unfortunately both Wadham MB and MA were knocked out on this day. Wadham MB lost to a very strong Balliol MA, who were the eventual runners-up, although they gave a good fight and rowed well the whole way. Wadham MA caught a huge crab early on, allowing LMH MA to establish a commanding lead. However they fought hard, pushing all the way to within a metre at a very exciting finish, but unfortunately the race was not long enough for them to push past. Better luck in Torpids boys; you all rowed incredibly!

The third day, and only the two women’s crews left in. Wadham WA were drawn against St Anne’s WA, who were one of the favourites to win, and had to row their hardest for the whole course putting in a final push at the end to win the race by a few feet. Wadham WB were against Lincoln WB and although they rowed well, could not beat the team. Well done girls for making it to the third day.
Day four, and the quarter finals for Wadham WA against Brasenose WA. After going off with a very good start they managed to hold Brasenose off for the whole course and win by a comfortable 3 lengths. Into the semi-finals they went and this time against Jesus WA. Again a strong start, giving them an early advantage and taking the lead a third of the way down the course allowing them to win by one and a half lengths. So the Wadham WA boat had made it to the final and against Regent’s Park WA. They went off with a very strong start, with many of the crew thinking Wadham had won the race there and then. The girls pushed all the way to the end and gave it their all but lost by just 1 foot. An exciting end to a fantastic week’s racing!

A big thank you to both Gavin and Harriet who helped cox our boats and allow us to race, this year’s captains Joseph Emsley (2013, Chemistry) and Lia Orlando (2012, Medicine), and all the boat club members who came down to help, support and cheer on our boats. Finally, to the rowers, a massive well done for the amazing work you have put in this term and for making it through the first day with four wins - not many other colleges can say that!