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19th February 2014

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Celebrating 40 years of women at Wadham and 400 years of scientific innovation, since the birth of Warden Wilkins who convened the founders of the Royal Society here, 2014 promises to be a great year to reunite with alumni both at home and abroad says Development Director, Julie Hage.

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Welcome to a busy new year with a wide range of Wadham events in the UK and abroad.The exchange of ideas across the alumni and college community is a continued source of inspiration, and we hope to see as many of you as possible in the coming months.

The Modern Languages Day will gather our linguists across generations for a vigorous debate about the role of languages in society today. If you matriculated in 19891994 we hope you will join your contemporaries for the Gaudies on the 28 and 29 March.

We also look forward to seeing many of our international alumni at reunions in Hong Kong, Toronto and New York: a small Wadham delegation will be joining the first ever Oxford Asia reunion in Hong Kong 21-23 March  and a Wadham reception will take place on the 20th of March at Club Lusitano in Hong Kong. In April, we look forward to visiting Toronto and New York and we hope you will join us for the alumni receptions so generously hosted by North American alumni.

2014 marks 40 years of women at Wadham, and as part of the University’s programme for the 40 years of co-education at five colleges, we have plans to celebrate this with a seminar and dinner at Wadham on the 27 September. Anne McElvoy (1984, Modern Languages), is helping to convene a panel of women representing the four decades to discuss their experience and address the challenges that remain for women today.

This year also marks the 400th anniversary of Wadham’s Warden Wilkins (1614-1672), who convened the founders of the Royal Society and created a unique environment for scientific innovation. We are partnering with the University to host a large scale event in the Sheldonian on the 17 October focusing on the Role of Science in Society  and celebrating fundamental and applied science and their role in enriching society. We are delighted that the President of the Royal Society, Nobel Prize winner Sir Paul Nurse, will speak at this event alongside world-leading scientists and public engagement experts. As part of Wadham’s ambitious outreach and access programme, the event will also mark the launch of flagship initiatives aimed at identifying talent for the sciences.

In our efforts to strengthen provision for Wadham’s graduate students, we continue to fundraise for endowed scholarships to attract matched funding from the University’s Graduate Scholarship Matched Fund. We were delighted that generous alumni helped us secure matched funding for two scholarships in the Humanities and one in Medical Sciences last year and with help from generous lawyers we are currently seeking to complete an appeal to endow a BCL scholarship. Please do get in touch if you would like to help us seize this time limited opportunity for attracting matched funding

If you have been wondering what a Telephone Campaign looks like on the ‘inside’, please click here,   where you will have the opportunity to see and hear from our superb student callers and find out more about the impact that alumni support has on Wadham and the Collegiate University as a whole.

We have been overwhelmed by the generous response we received to our September Telephone Campaign last year, which led to a record-breaking result of more than £583,000 donated to the Wadham Fund. We were further encouraged after our North American Telephone Campaign, which took place in December and during which more than 70% of all those we spoke to pledged to make a donation. We were delighted that a generous friend of the College continued to match donations from US alumni in 2013 and we hope that this generosity will prompt further support this year. We are grateful for all those who took the time to speak to one of our hard-working students and who chose to support Wadham as a result.

We look forward to seeing you before long, and please do get in touch if you would like to be involved in any of our activities.

Please contact Julie Hage: / 0044 (0) 1865 277 997