Making music at the Graduate Research Forum

30th January 2014

Music was the focus of the Graduate Research Forum held in the Warden’s lodgings this month. Wadham Fellow, Professor Eric Clarke presented his research findings under the title, ‘Lost and found in music’, while DPhil student, Adam Harper (2010, Music), presented ‘Lo-Fi: The Aesthetics and Ideologies of 'Primitive' Pop Music.’

Summarising his research, Eric said: “Strong experiences of music commonly, but apparently paradoxically, seem to involve people in both losing themselves and finding themselves in music. How can this be? Who or what is lost, and equally who or what is found, and how can they both happen together? I address these questions from the perspectives of musical consciousness and musical subjectivity, attempting to bring together perceptual, emotional and embodied components of musical experience.”

Adam Harper’s research focuses on 'lo-fi,' an aesthetics of pop music dating back to the 1980s that celebrates poor-quality recording and musicianship for being ostensibly unaffected by commercial conventions and tastes. Said Adam: “Some remarkable musicians were held up as problematic examples of 'primitive' authenticity, and I look at some of the more notable aspects of their reception and careers.”

The Graduate Research Forum allows Middle Common Room members to present their research alongside a Wadham Fellow to other Fellows and graduate students, providing an opportunity to learn and ask questions about some of the research being produced by the MCR and Senior Common Room.

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