Boat burning in the garden

23rd June 2014

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Celebrating the victory of Wadham’s Women's 1st VIII going Head of the River in Summer Eights, Wadham College Boat Club followed Oxford tradition with the sacrificial burning of a boat in the Fellows’ Garden.

  • The women's criew lead the sacrificial boat into the Fellows' garden

  • Stephanie Hall sets light to the sacrificial boat

  • The winning crew in front of the burning boat

Boat club members collected the boat from Wadham Boathouse on June 21, and carried it through Oxford to Wadham where WCBC Women's President Stephanie Hall was the first to set a match to the boat, followed by trainer Rod Andrews.

Wadham College Boat Club’s winning crew was made up of: Nicola Rodgers, Elizabeth Zotti (2013, Latin American Studies), Aikaterini Mandaltsi (2011, Healthcare Innovation), Stephanie Hall (2012, Experimental Psychology), Canna Whyte (2010, Chemistry), Rachel Anderson (2012, Biochemistry), Lia Orlando (2012, Medicine), Anne Binderup, Madeleine Butler (2012, Biochemistry).

The sacrificial boat, purchased for this event, was no longer structurally safe to be used for rowing.

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