Wadham's women Head of the River

2nd June 2014

Wadham's women crew rowed their way to success in the Summer Eights, becoming Head of the River 2014.

Strong performances from all the Wadham crews in the Summer Eights are the culmination of hard work and preparation as rowers Stephanie Hall (2012, Experimental Psychology) and Joseph Blackmore (2010, Engineering Science) report.

Summer Eights 2014 once again saw a strong showing from all the Wadham crews involved.

M3 faced a difficult week with some fast boats behind but easily succeeded in retaining their place in fixed divisions with two strong row overs on the first two days. Despite valiant performances to hold off the quick Wolfson and Somerville boats chasing them on the last two days, they finished down 2 but on the whole had a great weeks racing.

W2 began the week as the 12th boat in Division 2, defending the headship of Women's 2nd VIII's.
Wednesday and Saturday saw them row over, claiming a bump on Mansfield on Thursday but being bumped back on Friday. It is fantastic seeing them retain their headship, finishing +0 as the only 2nd VIII in Division 2!

M2 were in the difficult position of being the sandwich boat between divisions 3 and 4. With a neat looking Balliol 2 boat behind them on the first day, a tough row-over was on the cards but as soon as the gun was fired, Wadham simply rowed away from them and never looked back, bumping every day to claim blades in a very successful Eights campaign, +4 overall.

W1 began as the 2nd Women's VIII on the river, chasing St. John's. A strong row on Wednesday showed that we had the speed to beat them, and on Thursday, we bumped to claim the Headship! Friday and Saturday saw two clean and very strong row-overs, to finish +1 as Women's Head of the River 2014!

M1 were also in the sandwich boat position, this time between divisions 1 and 2. On the first day, Lincoln put up a strong performance but Wadham were able to push away along the Greenbank and never looked like being caught. With a star-studded Keble boat ahead, M1 were destined to row over for another 2 days as other bumps in division 1 went against them. However, presented with their opportunity of bumping Hertford on their 6th row of the week, M1 took them out right in front of the Wadham boathouse and narrowly missed out on repeating the feat the day after on Teddy Hall. +1 a great result securing a spot back in Division 1.