Calling ’72 -’78 matriculants

12th May 2014

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Did you matriculate between 1972 and 1978? Take part in a research survey to contribute to a study on 40 years of co-educational colleges in Oxford by Wadham historian, Jane Garnett.

  • The Observer magazine featured Wadham undergraduates Mela Davidson and Kate Mackenzie in an article, 'Room of my own' in February 1985. Photo by Guglielmo Galvin.

Jane Garnett writes: “In 1974 the first women students arrived at Brasenose, Hertford, Jesus, St Catherine's and Wadham.  The series of celebratory events over the course of 2014 offers different occasions for consideration of the nature of the transition in the mid-1970s.  As a historian of modern Britain who has been a Fellow since 1987, I thought it would be a good moment to do a focused piece of research on the first generations, considering the perspectives of both men and women, across the five colleges.  When Cliff Davies and I worked on the revised version of the Wadham History in the run-up to 2010, we circulated a questionnaire, and many alumni took the trouble to send back fascinating responses, only some strands of which we had scope to follow up on at the time.  I would be enormously grateful now for the help of those who matriculated between 1972 and 1978 in my research for a study which will put a series of individual experiences in historical context.  Memories and reflections, both positive and negative, will be invaluable.  Please follow the link to the survey and answer as fully as you can.  If you would be prepared to give your time for a follow-up interview, please say.  Full confidentiality will of course be maintained.  With apologies for cross-posting, those of you in the target cohort will also receive a direct email requesting your help.”

TAKE PART IN THE SURVEY (Responses by end of July 2014 please)

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