Haunting in the hall?

6th May 2014

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An unusual shadow, captured by a professional photographer working at Wadham College, Oxford has sparked debate about ghostly appearances.

  • The unexplained 'ghostly' shadow that entered the photographer's frame.

While filming a 360 degree tour of Wadham’s conference facilities, photographer Michael Fox from Revolution Viewing was surprised to find an unexplained light shadow entering the frame when he filmed a corner of the dining hall, to the right of the high table.

Assistant Butler, Ann Kidd, who joined the College in the summer of 1979, was not surprised to hear of the ‘ghostly light’.

“I know of several people who claim to have seen the ghosts,” said Ann. “They are two men who are said to appear in that same corner of the Hall, wearing ruffles at the neck, breeches and hose, and floating about a foot above the ground. And several guests claim that it momentarily strikes cold in the Hall at around 10pm.”

According to the Oxfordshire paranormal database, a ghostly white monk was reported to have been seen by a night porter at the chapel doors on 28 December 1968. Ann Kidd remembers that a previous Deputy Head Scout also saw a white apparition by the chapel doors, but thought it was a lady – possibly the ghost of College Founder Dorothy Wadham, who was never able to visit the College during her lifetime.  

Subsequent efforts to see the ghosts have so far been unsuccessful.

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