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24th November 2014

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Understanding the challenges and rewards of working in finance was the subject of an alumni ‘Inspiration Day’ for current students.

  • Bilyana Ward (Mathematics, 2004)

    Bilyana Ward (Mathematics, 2004)

  • Sachin Patel (Physics, 2001)

    Sachin Patel (Physics, 2001)

  • Mark Abrahamson (Management Studies, 2003)

    Mark Abrahamson (Management Studies, 2003)

Three alumni working in the financial sector returned to Wadham to share their experiences and knowledge of careers in the City. 

Bilyana Ward (Mathematics, 2004) from Morgan Stanley, Sachin Patel (Physics, 2001) whose experience at JP Morgan and Barclays Capital have enabled him to form a start-up called Funding Circle and Mark Abrahamson (Management Studies, 2003) from Oliver Wyman Financial Services gave a riveting talk describing their careers in the City, and the various career paths and options that students can consider.

Wadham students were able to ask candid questions about different ways to apply for roles with major banks and consultancies, the lifestyle of working 80 hour weeks, career progression, the ethics of working for a major bank, and ways of formulating an exit strategy.  

The event, organised by Wadham alumni for current Wadham students, allowed the panel to speak openly about their observations, encouraging students to think carefully about where they should apply and to consider the areas in which they may wish to work.  Advice ranged from “know when you are no longer enjoying your work, what to do next” to “don’t rob old ladies’ pension funds”.

Deputy Development Director Marco Zhang commented: “Our students found this to be an incredibly valuable experience, and we are very grateful to Bilyana, Sachin and Mark for their time and willingness to help and advise those interested in going on to work in the financial sector.”

Wadham’s next Inspiration Day will be held in 2015.

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