Videos: The Invention of Modern Science

26th November 2014

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Discussing the Invention of Modern Science at the Sheldonian Theatre, watch Marcus du Sautoy, Joanna Dunkley and Paul Nurse, chaired by Melvyn Bragg and introduced by Warden of Wadham College Ken Macdonald QC.


Part 1: Introduction, Melvyn Bragg and Marcus du Sautoy.

Following an introduction from Warden of Wadham College, Ken Macdonald QC, alumnus Melvyn Bragg (1958, History) describes the seismic shift in the nature of thought which took place in the 1800s. Professor Marcus du Sautoy (1983, Mathematics) odefines the empowerment that comes from understanding science and the importance of communicating science beyond the realms of academia. This event took place at Oxford's Sheldonian Theatre in October 2014.

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Part 2: Professor Jo Dunkley

Oxford astrophysicist, Professor Jo Dunkley describes the thrill of being a scientist and how modern science enables her to look 14 billion years back in space to see the glow from the big bang.

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Part 3: Sir Paul Nurse

President of the Royal Society Sir Paul Nurse thanks John Wilkins for being a founding member of the Royal Society and describes his curiosity, respect for evidence and humour – characteristics necessary for science.

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Part 4: Audience questions with Melvyn Bragg

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