Alumni and development update

17th September 2014

We were delighted that so many of our generous supporters had a chance to join us for the annual 1610 Society dinner on 12 September and the photos from the evening can be seen here.

Another festive gathering, the Wadham Society dinner, was organised by our active Wadham Society  and congregated a full Hall of alumni and friends of the college on 13 September. A number of informal “Wadham Society Social” events are planned in London over the coming year by the Committee and we will make sure to inform you of the programme.

We look forward to welcoming you to a string of events in the coming months:
•    the 1974-79 Matriculants to their Gaudy on 26 September
•    all Wadham women for a lively debate about the experiences of the first generations of women at Wadham – and the challenges 40 years on: Celebrating 40 Years of Women, 27 September
•    join us for a celebration of Warden Wilkins and Wadham’s role in The Invention of Modern Science on 17 October in the Sheldonian

Making access to excellence a priority
Over the centuries, legacies and life time donations from alumni have made a vital difference to the College’s existence and we are particularly fortunate to have a vast group of loyal old members committed to supporting the College, at whatever level possible. We are pleased to highlight two new initiatives seeking to expand the number of loyal donors both to our 1610 Legacy Society and to our annual fund, the Wadham Fund.

Our new legacy material, The Wadham Legacy highlights the significance of legacies to the College and how helpful it is if alumni are prepared to inform us of their plans. Our active 1610 Committee members have played a key role in developing the plans for engaging more alumni and friends in the 1610 Society and an event in London is planned for early 2015. We are deeply grateful to those of you who have already made your generous plans knows to the College.

With the continued pressure on our costly tutorial system, the support we receive year on year for the Wadham Fund helps significantly to support our students when they most need it, and contributions to the Fund has also enabled us to advance some of Wadham’s pioneering access work, and work with even younger pupils to facilitate fair access for talented students, regardless of their background. Regular donations to the Wadham Fund make all the difference and with our new Making Access to Excellence a Priority we hope even more alumni will join in giving their best gift to the College on a monthly, quarterly or annual basis.

During our 2014 Telethon which starts on September 20 our student callers will be delighted to inform you about these initiatives, and explain how you can help make a difference to current and future generations of Wadhamites.

With all good wishes from the Development team,

Julie Christiane Hage

Development Director
+44 (0)1865 277997