Going live!

4th September 2014

Alumni news

Wadham College’s new alumni database goes live this week.

  • Laura Taylor, Development office Database and Finance Officer, gives the new system a thumbs up

To make it easier for College alumni to keep in touch, sign up for events and donate to the College, Wadham has become a partner in the University of Oxford’s Development and Alumni Relations System (DARS).

“We’re very excited about going live on DARS and the benefits that will bring to our alumni as one of more than 20 Colleges who form a more joined up DARS community within the University of Oxford,” said Director of Development, Julie Hage. “However, as ever with new systems, there may be a few teething troubles so we hope Wadhamites will be patient with us while we get it all up and running,” she added.

The DARS mission is to promote, facilitate and drive the significant benefits for alumni relations activity that can be achieved from a smarter collaborative approach to technology across the collegiate University and for Oxonians and donors worldwide.

The DARS Programme, launched in 2007, has been ‘live’ since September 2009, with around 470 present users and 53 colleges and departments currently participating.