The Great Wadham Rainbow Bake Off

1st December 2015

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When cake baking College Chaplain Wendy Wale was challenged to a rainbow cake bake off by DPhil Law student Rachel Clement, the knives were out – literally.

  • Bake-off competitors Wendy Wale and Rachel Clement

    Bake-off competitors Wendy Wale and Rachel Clement

  • judges

    Judge Jane Garnett indicates an early preference to fellow judge Neil Mahon

  • Cake cutting

    Having cut her own cake, Wendy cuts a slice of Rachel's cake to reveal its perfect interior

  • The ultimate test - the tasting.

    The ultimate test - the tasting

  • The winner- Rachel Clement - collects her prizes

Amid a selection of student-made rainbow themed cakes and biscuits, Wadham students and staff gathered for the judging of the Great Rainbow Bake Off by our very own Mary Berry (aka Wadham Fellow Jane Garnett) and Paul Hollywood (aka Head Chef Neil Mahon).

Tension mounted as Wendy cut into both cakes revealing, not only rainbows, but checkerboard rainbow interiors.

The judges, already swayed by the presentation of Rachel’s show-stopper, were overwhelmed with enthusiasm on seeing the perfection of the cake’s interior design and colour.

Judge Jane Garnett commented that she was not particularly qualified in the art of cake making, but she loved eating cake. Neil Mahon added that both cakes tasted good but that the winner of the Great Wadham Rainbow Bake Off 2015 was Rachel (coached and supported by Olivia Madin, DPhil Medieval and Modern French).  

The cakes were then divided among the audience of some 50 students so that they could decide whether the right decision had been reached.

Everyone attending the The Great Wadham Rainbow Bake Off was asked to contribute towards the Terrence Higgins Trust (World AIDS day), raising £80.

  • The winning cake

    The winning show-stopper

  • The delicious runner-up

    The delicious runner-up

  • Rainbow biscuits

    Star baker Rachel Clement admires rainbow biscuits

  • A fruity rainbow

    A fruity rainbow