27th February 2015

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#IGaveToDorothy, a student led ‘leavers’ campaign, is encouraging final year Wadham students to donate to three fund-raising projects – access work, book grants and a stair-lift for Wadham’s dining hall.

  • Committee members Joseph Miles, Lucy Halton and Iona Teague

Whatever the amount donated, leavers will get an #IGaveToDorothy mug and will be encouraged to take an #IGaveToDorothy selfie which will be posted on the @WadhamSU twitter feed.

Give to #IGaveToDorothy

Student Union President Lucy Halton (2012, Classics and French) and Middle Common Room President Diana Greenwald (2011, History) are leading the campaign with the support of Iona Teague (2012, Law), Katia Mandaltsi (2011, CDT Healthcare Innovation), Holly Anderson (2013, Law), Joseph Miles (2012, PPE), Charlotte Jackson (2013, English) and Daniel Zajarias-Fainsod (2011, Biomedical Engineering). The Dorothy image for the campaign was designed by Alexander Wickens (2012, Biological Sciences).

Funds raised will be matched on percentage terms up to £5000 by Wadham alumnus Maurice Ostro (Law, 1985), with £1,000 released when 50% of students have taken part and a further gift of £2,000 when three quarters of leavers have made a donation, of any amount. Lucy explained: “If one hundred percent of leavers get involved and give something to the campaign, the donor has agreed to give the full £5000!”

Diana added: “If ten leavers give just £5 then that will fund a £50 book grant for a first year student.”
The students have created a campaign web page so that they can see the progress of the campaign and leavers who donate can choose where their money goes; to the Wadham Access scheme, to book grants, or to a stair-lift for Hall.

The campaign, which the students plan to make an annual event for leavers, kicked off with a launch party in College where donors were encouraged to take #IGaveToDorothy 'mugshots'. A sum of £490 was raised following the launch - a great start to the campaign.