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5th February 2015

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Nearly 100 Brilliant Club students from schools in London, the South East and the Midlands spent a day at Wadham celebrating their Key Stage two graduation, as part of a scheme to encourage outstanding pupils from non-selective state schools to consider applying to University.

  • Emily Cannon, Access and Outreach Officer, talks to Brilliant Club students.

    Emily Cannon, Access and Outreach Officer, talks to Brilliant Club students.

The Brilliant Club is a non-profit organisation that aims to widen access to top universities for students from non-selective state schools by introducing university and university-style education to pupils from a young age.

Working with students from Key Stage 2, 3, and 4, the young people on the Brilliant Club programme take part in a launch event, tutorials with a PhD tutor, complete a 1000-1500 word essay, then end the scheme with a graduation event.

Wadham College is a keen supporter of the Brilliant Club and acts as a host for launch and graduation events.

Emily Cannon, Access and Outreach Officer at Wadham, commented: “There really is nothing better than seeing ninety ten year olds excitedly exploring Wadham’s beautiful grounds.”
During the graduation ceremony, the pupils were welcomed to the College, enjoyed an information, advice and guidance session with Emily, explored the college on a tour with undergraduate student ambassadors, had lunch in Wadham’s impressive hall, took part in a study skills session with a member of the Brilliant Club team, and received a certificate recognising their achievements in completing a 1000 word essay.

Wadham has supported the Brilliant Club for several years, with the College hosting six events per academic year. Key Stage four Brilliant Club students will be visiting Wadham in March for their launch event.

Said Emily: “Hopefully, future Brilliant Club participants will view Wadham in a similar way to one ten year old visitor who exclaimed ‘This place is like a fairy tale!’”

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    Brilliant Club students tour Wadham College with our student ambassadors.

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