Doh Mix Meh Up

8th October 2015

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A new book collating images and text reflecting on diaspora and cultural identities has been published by the Oxford Diasporas Programme.

  • Naming what was once Unnameable by Belinda Kazeem

    Naming what was once Unnameable by Belinda Kazeem

  • Naming what was once Unnameable by Belinda Kazeem

    Naming what was once Unnameable by Belinda Kazeem

  • Jane Garnett

    Jane Garnett

Doh Mix Meh Up: Diaspora and Identity in Art is edited by Wadham History Fellow, Jane Garnett and Sunil Shah.

The book brings together photography, film, painting, installation and poetry which was first seen at a one-day international art exhibition and performance programme which took place at the Old Fire Station in Oxford in November 2014, curated by Sunil Shah.

The book explores, through images and words, the multifaceted experiences of those around the world who have moved from home to make a new life elsewhere.

Diasporas exist globally and include people with layered and diverse experiences. Art provides a means to express these complexities and creates a platform for alternative narratives, which often challenge existing power structures. Art also invites the viewer to engage with these narratives at a personal level and interpret the subject for themselves.

In her introduction to the book, Jane writes: "Over long historical time, movement both of people and of aesthetic forms has taken place for positive and negative, voluntary and involuntary reasons. Artistic expression has constituted a strategy for familiarisation in a strange place and for de-familiarisation of a familiar one.” She adds: “The work juxtaposed in this book constitutes fragments of many conversations and explorations."

Artists featured in the book include:  Pablo & Roxana Allison, Raymond Antrobus, Phoebe Boswell, Rosa Couloute, Scarlett Crawford, David Creedon, Afra Dekie, Sharelly Emanuelson, JJ Bola, Justice in Motion, Belinda Kazeem, Lynette Letic, Caroline Molloy, Melissa Tandiwe Myambo, Miyuki Okuyama, Kajal Nisha Patel, Sharon Paz, Mikaela Toczek, Kooj Chuhan & Virtual Migrants and Clare Walter.

Jane’s research for the Oxford Diasporas Programme focuses on religious faith, space and diasporic communities in East London from 1880 to today. The Oxford Diasporas Programme is funded by the Leverhulme Trust.

For copies of the book, please contact Jane Garnett.