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17th August 2016

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Applications are open for eleven graduate scholarships available to new and existing post-graduate students at Wadham.

Wadham College is offering six Senior Scholarships, four Keeley Senior Scholarships and one Eprime Eshag Senior Scholarship from Michaelmas 2016. Each scholar awarded one of these competitive and prestigious scholarships will receive £500 and be entitled to one free High Table dinner per week during full term.

Applications are invited from students either already reading for a postgraduate degree at Wadham or proposing to do so from Michaelmas Term 2016 (in the latter case the award of the scholarship is conditional upon acceptance by the University and by the College).  Graduates taking either taught or research courses are eligible (including Bachelor of Civil Law, 2nd Bachelor of Medicine, MPhil (Master of Philosophy), MSc (Master of Science) and PGCE (Postgraduate Certificate in Education)students), but the scholarships do not cover undergraduate students in the fourth year of studies (who may be nominated for undergraduate scholarships).

Senior Scholarships and Keeley Senior Scholarships are unrestricted in subject area. The Eprime Eshag Senior Scholarship is limited to a student within the disciplines of Area and Development Studies, Economics, Politics and International Relations and related disciplines.

The College expects to award at least one of the scholarships to a candidate beginning study for a higher degree in Michaelmas 2016. Scholars must not be beyond their fourth year of D.Phil. study. Awards are for one year, and students are eligible to reapply provided they continue to fulfill the necessary conditions.

Application Procedure
Applicants already reading for a graduate degree at Wadham must provide a brief covering letter, curriculum vitae, a statement of research progress of one to two pages in length (for research degrees), and the names and addresses of two referees, who should be asked to submit their references directly, as detailed below.

Students who will start a new course at Wadham in Michaelmas Term 2016 must provide a brief covering letter and curriculum vitae. Additional information will be taken from the student’s application for admission to the University.

Applications and references should be sent by email to, to arrive no later than Friday 16 September 2016.

Selection Criteria
Students who will start a new course at Wadham in Michaelmas Term 2016 will be judged on their academic potential as assessed by their performance in earlier degrees, and by the quality of the material submitted in their application for admission to the University.

Students already reading for a postgraduate degree at Wadham will be judged on their progress on course. The criteria used will be subject and course specific but could include: examination grades, prizes, progress towards thesis completion, discoveries made, papers published or patents awarded, oral or poster presentations at national and international conferences.

Scholarships are not automatically renewed from one year to the next. Existing Scholars applying for renewal of their Scholarship will be assessed in equal competition with all other candidates and by the same criteria.

The range of graduate scholarships that Wadham is able to offer is testament to the generous support of the College’s alumni, whose financial contribution makes many of our scholarships viable. The College also works in partnership with a range of other funding bodies, both inside and outside the University, to ensure that its resources are used in the most effective fashion, helping to ensure that talented graduate students from around the world can come and study at Wadham, regardless of their personal financial circumstances.

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